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Best Player for Some NBA Teams

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The best player for every NBA team. Lets start with the Warriors. The best player on the Warriors is probably Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant averaged 26.4 points in the 2017-18 NBA season. Next we have the Rockets. The Rockets player is James Harden. James Harden was the MVP of the league. He averaged 30.4 points per game and a lot of assists. Next we have the Lakers. The best player on the Lakers is for sure Lebron James. James is definitely the best players in the NBA.

The best player on the Thunder is for sure Russel Westbrook. He averaged 25.4 points per game. He also averaged a triple double for two seasons in a row. Next we have the Celtics. The best player on the Celtics is Kyrie Irving. He averaged 24.4 points per game. Kyrie Irving is known for his amazing ball handling. Next there is the Raptors. The best player on the Raptors is Kawhi Lenard. Kawhi Lenard was traded from the Spurs to the Raptors. He averaged 16.6 point per game.

Now the Spurs. The Spurs’ best player is definitely Demar Derozan. Demar Derozan was traded from the Raptors to the Spurs. He was traded for Kawhi Lenard who of course now plays for the Raptors. Demar Derozan averages 20.o point every game. Next we have the Grizzlies. The best player on the Grizzlies is Marc Gasol. Marc Gasol is an amazing player because he plays his roll amazingly. He plays the center position which you have to be tall to play the center position. It fits him perfectly because he is 7 feet tall.

Now we have the Suns. The Suns’ best player is Devin Booker. Devin Booker is their best player because of his incredible shooting. Devin Booker averages 24.9 points. That is crazy because he is really young and he is playing amazing.  Next we have the Hawks. The Hawks best player is Trae Young. It is really weird that Trae Young is there best player because he is a rookie. Trae Young is known for how good his shooting is. People are saying that he is the next Steph Curry.

The best player on the Hornets is Kemba Walker. Kemba walker is an amazing dribbler. Kemba Walker averages 22.1 points per game. Kemba Walker carries his team. Now we have the Nuggets. The Nuggets best player is Jokic. Jokic is an amazing because of his height. He is 7 feet tall and he averaged 18 points per game. He does a lot for his team and I feel like he needs some help.

Next we have the Mavericks. The best player on the Mavericks is DeAndre Jordan. Deandre Jordan is known for his dunks and his blocks. DeAndre Jordan is also really good because of his outstanding rebounding. Next we have the Jazz. The best player on the Jazz is Donovan Mitchell. This is crazy because it is only his second year in the NBA. He averages 20.5 points per game. He was voted second for rookie of the. He was right behind Ben Simmons who won.


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Best Player for Some NBA Teams