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My transfer from a Private School to a Public School

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When I first joined a private school which was in sixth grade at first it looked easy because there were only fifty kids the whole middle school. It was a school from Pre School to middle school. Each class I had there where 15 students. It was really small. At first four months the school was okay. but then I started not to like the teachers because they would treat us like babies and lose my papers so I had to redo a lot of assignments. I wasn’t really happy because the class continued and I was a little behind. In my private school I had one good teacher. She was an English teacher, the only reason she was good because she was a high school teacher and she was strict in a good way. In my private school all the kids would show off all their things and compare themselves to other people.

So me and my parents decided to move to Hale. All my friends at Elementary school went there and I only moved to a different school. At the end of the year so I moved to Hale Charter Academy. When I first looked at the school I was in shock. When I saw people walking to school there were more people than my private school. At my first class I had 50 kids in my class and that my whole middle school in my other school. In the middle of the class I got my schedule. I wasn’t expecting any of my friends in any of my class. But then I went into my next class and I saw my really good friend from elementary named Ori. I wasn’t expecting him because there are like 800 kids in the whole seventh grade. So I got really luck because I got him in every single class. The only class I didn’t get him was in  my advisory but it was still good.

 I also met a lot of friends in my other classes and now I have a lot more friends. Now I get to have a lot more play dates.  In my previous school the teacher where more with you and now I have to do things alone I have to be more responsible. In my other school they didn’t teach as well as Hale and we got a lot more homework at Hale. At the first week I thought I wasn’t gonna find any of my classes. In my private the classes where next door. But in Hale we have to run class to class I also thought I wouldn’t be able to open my locker because in my private school the lockers where open. So now every time I have to go to a class I have to open my locker in order to get my textbook. In my other school we didn’t have to carry our backpacks we just carried what we just needed for class and when we went to our next class we just went to our lockers which where next door. I really hope and believe that I will succeed and enjoy to be at Hale.


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My transfer from a Private School to a Public School