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Things People Do that Annoy Me

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I don’t get annoyed that much, unless you do some certain things that actually do bother me like say that girls can’t do certain things that guys can. Yes, I’ve probably done some of these things before, but they still bother me. Here are a list of things people do that bother me, in no particular order:

1.) When people tell me that they are over some guy or girl, then talking about them every single second

This really bothers me because I’m all like, “Oh my gosh, finally! You’re over him/her and I don’t have to hear his/her name come from your mouth ever again!” But after a couple minutes, I hear this, “Oh my gosh, *name* is so annoying,” or “Oh my gosh! Did I tell you about what happened with *name* today?! He looked at me!” or something like those. I do admit that I have done this before, but I did say that I wasn’t over that guy yet, so that counts. Right?

2.) When someone calls themselves fat and/or ugly

This bothers me so much more than the first one. I guess I sort of have this thing where if someone says something mean about themselves, I have to stand up for them and correct them because I can’t stand it when people put themselves down. I don’t really have a reason for being bothered by this, I just am.

3.) When people say they are fine when they really aren’t

This happens a lot with my friends. You can clearly tell that something is bothering them, but when you ask, they say that they are fine. I know that I do this a lot too, but only because I don’t want to tell that person why I’m not okay and because if I say what’s wrong, I know that I’m going to cry if I say something.

4.) When people don’t respond to a text, but it said they read it

This doesn’t happen that much to me, but when it does, it seriously bothers me. Like, you read it, why not respond? Do you not want to respond? I don’t really do this to other people, but I’ve known people that get left on read and are really mad.

5.) When people say that milk goes first, not cereal

When people say this, I get super mad. It really doesn’t make sense to put milk in first because the cereal won’t get any milk on it and it would just float at the top. Yes, I admit that I have done this before, but on accident. I think that I’ve already put the cereal in then pour the milk, but then I see that there is no cereal, so I get really mad.

6.) When people chew loudly or with their mouth opened

This is one of the worst things you can do in front of me. This is the number one thing that bothers me the most. I just hate the sound of food in your mouth. I don’t know why, but I just do.

&.) When people say that girls can’t do certain things that guys can

This bothers me a lot because people, boy or girl, can do anything that the other can do. When people say this, I really bugs me.

I have much more things that belong on this list, but I guess I just can’t think of things right now.

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Things People Do that Annoy Me