Why Social Media is Extremely Dangerous

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. Sounds fun to teens and children, but there is much more behind the silly names. You may love to take pictures and use the goofy filters on Snapchat, or see what your friends are up to this weekend on Instagram, but there are a million uncertainties behind the pictures.

“Private” Information

Many social medias ask for your personal information, such as your birthday, email, home address, and other details. Many of these you cant skip. The app may tell you the information is private, but everyone who works at the headquarters now knows where you live, how to contact you, and how old you are. To make matters worse, people can hack into these accounts and get the information for themselves.

Fake Accounts

How many followers do you have on Instagram? Do you know every person that follows you in real life? Probably not. You may direct message them all the time and know their whole life story, but is what their telling you completely true? Maybe it is, but many people like to make fake or “spam” accounts and pretend to be something they really aren’t. They may post a whole bunch of pictures of a young girl and claim they are them. Viewers of the page will try and direct Related imagemessage them, and fall for the devilish trick. Others may promote a fake business. A former dance student dropped out of dance to be an Instagram model.  She modeled for random men in inappropriate outfits who claimed they were “professional photographers”. But she’s not the only Instagram model. You may think you look cute in that high waisted, low cut, checkered bikini, but you have no clue who is seeing that. It could simply be your best friend, or it could be some 72 year old man in Columbia. Its not such a small world after all, is it?

Emotional Stress

Social media is all about knowing what your friends are up to. You may see your friends in photos at the beach or maybe at singing at their house. You may think the pictures and videos looks incredible, but the story behind the photos/videos are something we don’t see. People spend lots of time making sure they “look good” in photos. They may spend an hour doing the same pose to make sure it looks ideal to their liking. Also, public accounts attract so-called “haters” to the pages. Haters will do anything from post rude comments on media to imitating the media they spread hate on. People read these comments and feel like their not good enough. this will cause a lot of emotional stress. This stress will distract them from everyday things, such as school or work. It can even lead to more serious affects, such as anxiety or depression.

Society these days has completely lost any face-to-face interaction. The cyber universe has completely replaced riding bikes and hanging out with friends. So, take off the bikini and go have a nice dinner with your family. And you don’t need to post that, thank you very much. Stay anonymous for a little, would you?