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Schools should switch to a four day school week

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One way schools could improve is to remove a day from the school week, and make the school day longer instead.

Having a four day school week could help schools save money. According to,  “Because school buses are only running 4 days per week instead of 5 days, there is the potential of reducing transportation costs by up to 20% by shifting the schedule. There are potential savings to food programs and other important areas of infrastructure because the school district is closed 1 additional day each week. For school districts struggling with funding issues, the potential savings here could save the budget.” It is important for schools to save money so that they could use it later on if they want to buy more supplies for the school or schedule a field trip.

Many high schoolers want a job so that they could start saving up for college. A four day school week would leave more time for high-school students to work. According to, “For high-school students, while working after school is not recommended due to the long school days, another full day of the weekend is opened up for working. Students potentially have three days in every weekend to spend working.” High schoolers would have enough time to work and rest if they got more time off from school.

There would be less absences in a four day school week, than there would in a five day school week. According to, “Some have seen attendance improve as families schedule appointments such as doctor visits on the free day. In addition, high school athletes who used to miss school on Fridays for game travel are now able to attend all classes.” There is a chance that one of a student’s teachers may go over something very important when that student is absent. The student won’t have any idea what is going on when they go back to school. If there are less absences then this will be less likely to happen.

It would be easier for students to participate in sports if they had a four day school week. According to, “Some school districts shifted to a 4-day week not because of financial needs, but others did so to make it easier to schedule sporting events or after-school activities. Weekend sporting events make it easier to get students to them, especially when they are an away event, because the school day doesn’t interfere on a Friday.” After school sports are a great way to get students outside, and it’d be a lot easier to schedule them on a day when students don’t have school.

If schools switched to a four day school week, students would get to spend more time with their families. According to,  “Moving to a four-day school week………. provides students and teachers more time with their families.  Family time is an important part of American culture. Many parents and teachers are using the extra day off as a family day for activities such as exploring a museum, hiking, shopping, or traveling.  The extra day has given families the chance to bond and do things that would not have been able to otherwise.” In my opinion, families should spend lots of time together. An extra day off gives the opportunity for families to hang out.

While some people would argue that a four day school week would make it harder for parents to care for their kids, it may actually make it easier. According to, “The average time for school that is scheduled in a 4-day week is either 7:30am-5pm or 8am-5:30pm. This schedule works much better for parents, who often have that working schedule themselves. Parents can drop-off their kids in the morning, then pick them up in the afternoon, without worrying about work. They can supervise their children at the bus stop in rural districts as well. That also means some families, with children who are old enough, can eliminate daycare expenses completely with this type of scheduling option.” Parents shouldn’t have to miss work just to pick up their kids from school, but if schools ended around the same time adults get out from work that wouldn’t be so much as a problem.

Schools would be a lot better if they had a four day school week, instead of a five day one.

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Schools should switch to a four day school week