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Hi my name is Alyna Fonvergne and I do a sport called Dance Guard. Dance Guard was invented by a lady named Peggy  Twigs . She came up with the move called the “Peggy spin”. “Before the ‘Peggy spin’, guard members would usually just show the flag at different angels, just like the military. I am on the ECR Dance Guard team and I have three main coaches named Mrs.Marshell , Mrs.Yeder ,and Rian.  My team means so much to me because they teach me how to do the routines and dances and tosses. Anyway my captians names are Charlotte and Katelynn. They are the best captains ever. Then my team , my team is the best team a girl can ask for they help me throw the good and bad times like when I cant get something they always help me.

We also have a mattress fundraiser at El Camino in Anderson Hall were the mattress store will be held. We are going to have all type of mattresses, we will have adjustable beds,  twin beds and more. There will be lots of people there so you should get there early. And make sure you say you were told by Alyna Fonvergne.

We also have a competition in October that is called Phoenix Rising and we will be dressed up in red, purple, and orange costumes that are really itchy. But  l like the costumes, they are pretty. In the competition we use tall flags, swing flags, rifles, and sabers. The show is a couple minutes long, and we’ve worked so hard.

Then there is football games. We perform fight song. And we wear blue dresses, half hair up, and half down, and we also wear tights. Tonight I have the most important football game ever because its homecoming and we are wearing wreafs, and everything I mentioned before.

Dance guard is a wonderful thing because when your on the team, your just like one big family. They care about you so much,they help you getting through the good and bad times. We also do a lot of fundraisers, like when it gets close to Christmas . We do a gift rapping for the children. Right now we are doing a mattress fundraiser. Fundraisers  are when we sell things, and get money for them, to support the team.

In the month of October we wear cozy pink sweaters for cancer month.Dance guard is such a good sport because  you are like a bunch of sisters and you care about each other so much. I love my Dance guard team so much and I hope that we are always best friends for ever because I love them like a second family. My team is the best team a girl can ask for. So come join the team next year at El Camino  and trust me you will love it a lot and you will have a second family too.

I hope you liked my story about Dance guard and I hope you have a nice day and be happy.

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