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If I Was a Mouse…

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If I was a mouse my name would be Alfred. I would live next to Lake Tahoe in a house made out of twigs. My house would be like a small mouse igloo. It would be thick so predators couldn’t get inside. Every day I would go out on the lake. I would go about one quarter of the way out on the lake. Every time a boat would pass by I would ride the wake of the boat. I would ride on a small oval shaped piece of plastic. I would not surf on a piece of bark because the bottom of the board is to slick enough to glide through the water. On normal surfboards they have a thin sheet of plastic so the board glide through the water. Since the wave does not crash it would be like an endless wave until it hit the shore. If the wave doesn’t crash I would not get tumbled (I like to call it getting rag dolled) inside the wave. I would turn left of right of the wave. Either way is fine because the wave never crashes until it hits the shore. I’d whip water around every time I would make a sharp turn on the wake. When the wave hits the shore, it is the only time the wave will crash. And when the wave hits the shore it barrels. I’ll crouch down really low and get barreled on the shore.

I usually go to Lake Tahoe myself with my family. When we go sometimes it is when it is snowing. If I was a mouse I would go snowboarding on the same piece of plastic. I would ride on the same piece so the plastic will glad across the snow, just like it does on the water. I will find really thin leaves and push it through the wholes that are on the plastic board. To get to the top of the mountain I would have to use the chairlift. I wasn’t scared of it though. The ride down the mountain was the longest ride ever because I am such a small mouse. To get on to the chairlift I would have to sneak, then when the chairlift comes around, I would have to jump and hang on to the bar where the people on top of me sit. When I get to the stop where the chairlift takes me I swing and jump off a little late so nobody sees me. Then so nobody runs over me I would have to run as fast as I could to where nobody snowboard so that I don’t get run over.

When I get to the bottom I’m hungry, so I go to the food area on get the leftovers. At the end of the day I go back to my house and go to bed. My bed is a hammock. The hammock is made out of a shirt rom a human that I bit off with my teeth. “It’s good to be a mouse.” To eat all I have to do to eat is go find bugs. Or if I’m lucky at the campsites there will still be hot coals. I will set up a mouse trap that I found and catch a snake. Then, I will cook it on the fire and have food for a week or two.

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If I Was a Mouse…