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Town of Salem

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As I describe the game in this article, keep in mind that I’m not an actual player of the game and most of my knowledge comes from Youtube or the Town of Salem wiki, not actual experience. So, take this with a grain of salt. 

The computer game Town of Salem is a complex version of its commonly known brother, Mafia. Town of Salem has multiple conflicting sides, including the Mafia, Town, and Neutral roles. To keep things simple, I’m not going to describe the neutrals as much as the other factions in this article.

In order for the Town to win the game, they need to eliminate all rival factions. Their usual, primary way to do this is through lynching evils. The trick is, none of the town members know who’s their fellow innocents and who’s a killer. In order for the Mafia to win, they need to carefully eliminate the other factions not friendly to the mafia though murder and deceit.

The game switches between two phases, day and night. In the day, everyone discusses with each other, with the town trying to gather their information. Every day phase, the town is able to lynch one player. In order to lynch an individual, a majority of the living players must vote them up and vote guilty. This is why the Town faction is the most powerful in the beginning, as they have power in numbers and are able to vote up any evils. However, the beginning is also when the town is most vulnerable as they have no information and no trust.

To help their respective faction, each player gets a role. Each role comes with special abilities that gets information, or supports their group through other means. Every group has various roles to assist them, with the Town getting the most variety. Some roles are grouped together in an alignment based on the similarity between their abilities or general role in the game. For example, the alignments for town are the Town Investigative, the Town Protective, the Town Support, and the Town Killing.

Here’s a description for some of the alignments.

Town Investigative

The TI alignment is made up of roles which are able to gain an idea on what other players’ roles are. The Town Investigatives are extremely important to the Town, as the investigative players are their main source of info and are able to help the town differentiate between friend and foe. Without the TI roles, the Town is blind.

Town Protective

The Town Protective are the silent guardians of the night, using their abilities to protect important members of the Town. It is extremely important that the TPs are able to predict who the evils are going to attack and know who is or isn’t expendable according to the town’s needs.

Town Killing

While the Town does have the ability to lynch evils sometimes they need a bit more firepower. This is where the Town Killing roles come in. The Town Killers are the members of the Town who’re able to kill members of the opposing factions. Players with these roles are often needed to threaten others, confirm roles by murdering, and eliminate the evils.

And there’s the basic premise of the game. If you want to check out the game, be sure to keep in mind that Town of Salem is a TEAM game. There will be times where you will have to work with experts and people who have no idea what they’re doing. That said, here ya go.









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Town of Salem