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The Girl in Room 333

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Hi, my name is Mackenzie Lerrin. I am 12 years old, and I have just moved to Delaware, Idaho. My mom just got a new job with a new clothing company called The Hanger. Her name is Laura Lerrin. I’m going to a new school called Delaware Middle School. It is the best school in the area. I’m not so sure I will like it there, but I’m doing it for my mom because I want to do whatever makes her happy.

One day in August, I woke up and got in my new Gucci shirt my mom got me from her old job, my new ripped jeans, and my new black and white checkered Vans. Then, I got my new vans backpack and my coat and went to school. When I got to school, my schedule said I was in room 333. But, when I went to the room, it was locked. Then, I heard a noise which sounded like crying. I followed the noise, and it was coming from the room. Room 333. I got scared, so I ran to the counseling office and told them I was put in room 333. They said that they have never opened that room since 1990.

Then, they put me in the room 334 that was the room next to room 333, but the next day of school I kept hearing the crying. Then, I heard a voice saying, “help me get out please.” I asked the girls in front of me if they heard it, but they said I was crazy. But I heard it, and I’m not crazy. I know that for a fact. So, I asked to go to the bathroom.

When I went out, I went over to room 333 and looked through the key hole. I saw a little girl that was maybe 4 or 5, a kindergartner. I saw her sitting in the corner, crying. I asked her what was wrong and how she got in there. She sniffled and said she was shot and killed in this room by her evil brother, and that he was in 5th grade. And that his name was Ranger Sickel, and that her name was Sally Sickel and that her brother was always trying to hurt her, but she never got him back. She never got revenge. Then, one day, Ranger said that Sally’s teacher wanted to talk to her.

But when he was taking her there, he passed her class. She didn’t ask because maybe her teacher was talking to another teacher. When he took her to the room, he locked her in and didn’t let her leave. Then, he pulled out a gun that belonged to her dad, and tried to aim for her. She ran in the closet and he opened it up. He shot her in the back of the head. That was the end of Sally. Then, after she finished telling her story, she whispered “And the same thing is going to happen to you.” Then she said, “turn around.” So, I did and there Ranger was, with a gun. His words to me were “night, night.” The gun went off, and now I am dead! And to this day Sally still tricks kids, so are you her next victim?💀

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The Girl in Room 333