Which Coding Language is Good for Game Developers

What are the coding languages that video game creators use when making games?

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Which Coding Language is Good for Game Developers

Have you ever wondered about how people create the video games you enjoy playing? The developers of these games use game engines, 3D or 2D artwork, and good coding to create their experiences. There are many different languages the programmers and creators of these fun video games use, which is what I will cover in this short article.

Unity is a game engine that the makers of Ori and the Blind Forest, Cuphead, and Hearthstone used to make their game. It used to have supported both for UnityScript, a modified version of JavaScript (which is actually a very different language than regular Java,)  and C#. Unity then removed UnityScript due to the fact that only 3.6% of people used it and it was hindering their ability to update the engine, so now they mainly focus on the language C#. C# was created by Microsoft because they did not want to pay for Java. This is also why C# is a lot like Java.

By now, many people know about the Unreal Engine, because the most popular game from this engine is actually the most popular game in the whole world, Fortnite: Battle Royale. The main feature of the Unreal Engine is that it boasts great graphics, as seen in many of the games made in it. It uses C++, a highly complicated coding language. It is what the creators of the game engines use when making the engine. Only some obscure languages or Binary are seen as a “harder language”.

Roblox can be seen as a game where you play other people’s mini-games they have created or an engine to make and code all kinds of games. It’s a free engine that gives you all the tools to make multiplayer games and even lets you make a bit of money if people really like your game. Roblox uses a modified version of Lua, a simple coding language made specifically to create video games. These games are of more quality than many assume, and some people even hold Jailbreak, the most popular game from this engine, as it’s own game despite only being found on the Roblox site.

Android pays for Java because many of the Android games use this coding language. You can still develop in C#, C++, or even Java if you want to, but the Android platform was mainly built for Java because Google doesn’t promote using other languages besides Java.

For IOS or Apple devices, the company uses Swift. The reason you most likely haven’t heard of this language is that it is very recent, being announced as early as 2014. The Swift language is mainly used for apps for Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, or Mac computers.

If you were wondering what games can be made in these languages, I have a list of popular games using these programming languages. I did not include Lua or Swift because there are not many famous names from these languages. Minecraft was made with Java and was bought by Microsoft, the same company that made C# because they did not want Java. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was made with C++ along with Spelunky. Three notable C# games are Cuphead, Hollow Knight, and Ori and the Blind Forest. You also can’t forget Fortnite, a C++ game made by the same people that created the Unreal Engine, Epic Games.

I myself have tried a bit of both C# and Lua, but for now, stick to Lua because it’s more simple and less “strict”. C# is more powerful but has all kinds of things that are hard to get used to, such as putting “;” after every line of code. Maybe one day I might return to C# to make a game in Unity.