The best looking Tractors

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Now tractors don’t usually howl. That is right, tractors. Now you might be saying “hey how could a tractor look any better than the other”. Well, today I will be proving the theory.

  1. Mario Kart tractor: Let us start off this list strong with a tractor that looks like a car straight out of Mario Kart. Everything from its red color, to the raised steering wheel, to the go-kart seat. Redneck Mower 2
  2. Failed hydraulic tractor: Next up this high quality, ultra rare, super unique tractor for really cool farmers. We got a tractor that had working hyraulics, but then it stopped working mid- air. Thus, making this an iconic looking tractor.Redneck Mower 7
  3. Monster Tractor: Alright, well this one explains itself. Its is literally a compact tractor, on crack. It looks really cool thought. So next time you go to your neighborhood tractor meet up, make sure to take this with you.Redneck Mower 1
  4. Batmobile Tractor: So, I appreciate a beautiful tractor when I see one, and I see one right here ;). If you want to look like a superhero when you are farming your crops, this is the tractor for you. All it needs is the decal, and you will be set for greatness.Image result for batmobile tractor
  5. Big bad wolf tractor: Little red riding hood is quaking, and her grandma is woke. This stylish, sleek, and fancy tractor will be sure to attract some eyes everywhere. So if you want to scare some kids in red hoodies, I would definitely have to recommend this art piece that is a wolf tractor. Related image
  6. The utility tractor: This tractor is a steal, no matter how much you pay for it, you will still get your moneys worth. Because, not only is this a tractor, it is also a crop planter, digger, and water-er. It does not look the prettiest, but it definitely works for everything.Image result for utility tractor
  7. Tyrannosaurus Tractor: Coming in next on this list we have the one, the only, “tyrannosaurus tractor”. This is not only the coolest looking tractor you will ever see, but it is also the most historically accurate tractor as well. Image result for dinosaur tractor
  8. Tractor from 3021: Well, we have covered some tractors from the past, now lets tackle some from the future. This is only a concept, but it looks like it is really going to catch on. Everything from the big, off road wheels, to the headlights at the front, to even the opening hatch that can catch crops. This is definitely a tractor to be looking for.Image result for futuristic tractor
  9. Harley Tractor-son: Now I really doubt you have tractor that looked like this one. Considering that it is literally a giant Harley Davidson looking tractor. To be honest, this one seems a little impractical. But it looks really cool, so it gets a pass.Image result for harley davidson tractor
  10. Tri-Tractor: Last on our absolutely amazing list of iconic looking tractors. We have the tricycle tractor. I don’t even have words to describe how much I want to sell everything I own to get this. I truly think that this would be the perfect gift for birthdays, any cultural celebrations, and anniversary presents.Redneck Mower 17