The Burger Joints My Dad Personally Likes

As the son of a chef, I felt that at one point I had to write an article something food related. So I asked my dad to tell me his personal favorite burger joints and tell me it as if he was writing a review about it, plus I’ll add a bit of my personal insight on the burger joint. Recently we went to a burger joint, and it gave me the idea of writing an article about burgers. So here it is!

#4: McDonald’s

“It is nostalgic. It was my first American beef burger experience. It was also considered a balanced meal one time in the Philippines because it had carbs, vegetables, and protein, compared to a Filipino diet of a mostly higher ratio of rice over meat or vegetables. They also had a very catchy jingle. “Two beef patties, lettuce and tomatoes, cheese and pickles, on a sesame seed bun.”

Rating: 2 out of 5

For me, McDonald’s isn’t the place where I’d like to get my burgers. I only get their McFlurries or a drink. Although a very cool idea used at McDonald’s is that you can order on this big touch screen inside, which has a pretty intriguing appeal, and I hope that’s implemented to a lot more restaurants.

#3: In-N-Out Burger

“It is the closest you can get to a gourmet burger from a fast food chain. Freshness is key, and they seem to use the best ingredients for the least amount of money. Their never-changing menu means that they are able to improve on their product consistently. Taste-wise, they are very consistent.  Their service remains the same, pleasant as your last visit.”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 due to taste and value

In-N-Out Burger is my go-to burger joint if I ever feel like I’m craving burgers. It’s nearby, the taste of the burger is great, and their pink lemonade is always refreshing. My only problem is that the lines for drive-thru are so long, it basically discourages me to get a burger from In-N-Out.

#2: Shake Shack

“Homemade taste brings back memories of home. It reminded of my dad’s hamburgers. He used to make them for our lunch break. Simple, clean tasting, but a little pricey. A disadvantage of this chain is their locations. They are far apart from each other. Their location in West Hollywood has a very huge casual dining room and al fresco dining area. Falling in line to get your burger is similar to falling in line to a major attraction in a theme park. This is just to get a burger! Their burger buns are the best out of all four.”

Rating: 4 out of 5

I can’t give my personal opinion on Shake Shack because I have never been there.

#1: Hiho Cheeseburger

“The creme de la creme of all burgers! A juicy quarter-pound wagyu beef patty cooked perfectly over a brioche bun, topped with fresh, crisp lettuce, sliced tomatoes, house-made pickles, house-made onion jam, and two melted American cheese. The burger is served on a real plate. It is then paired with either beer or wine or real sugar artisanal beverages. They also serve pies on occasion or other desserts, but not all the time. Located in the heart of Santa Monica; near the beach, which adds to the dining experience. Order a single patty, double or triple patties, whatever your heart desires!  This burger will surely please your palate and feed your soul.”

Rating: 5 out of 5

I say this is a great place to get your burgers if you’re around Santa Monica. Since it’s not very well known, you don’t have to worry about a lot of people overcrowding the place. Their menu is quite simple as well.