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The Top 7 NBA Starting 5’s

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There are a lot of good teams, and there are a lot of bad teams too. But today i’m not going to be talking about the bad teams, today i’m going to be talking about the to 7 NBA teams. The first team has the best starting 5 of all time, the team I hate the most the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors starting 5 is point guard Stephen Curry, shooting guard Klay  Thompson, small forward Kevin Durant, power forward Draymond Green, And Center DeMarcus Cousins. They are the best team in the NBA. All 5 of them are All Stars, and I hate all of them them. The second team that has the best starting 5 in the east is the Boston Celtics. The starting 5 for the Celtics are Point guard Kyrie Irving, Shooting guard Jaylen Brown, small forward Gordon Hayward, power forward Jayson Tatum, and center Al Horford. I don’t like the Celtics because I’m a Lakers fan but I like them more than the Warriors. I feel like the Celtics are going to be the new best team now that Lebron James left for the west.

Speaking of the west, the third team is the Houston Rockets The Rockets starting 5 is point guard Chris Paul, shooting guard James Harden, small forward is Carmelo Anthony, power forward PJ Tucker and center Clint Capala. The Rockets have a good chance to beat the Warriors, if Carmelo Anthony plays good and not selfish. The fourth best team is the Lakers. The Lakers have a amazing young point guard in Lonzo Ball, shooting guard a young guy in Josh Hart, small forward the king Lebron James, power forward another young guy Kyle Kuzma, and the center is a 2 time champion Javale McGee. Like the Rockets they have a good chance to beat the Golden State Warriors.

The fifth team is the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers are really good but not as good as the Celtics. They were bad forever, until this last season. The 76ers were the ones to make it to the finals but they lost to the Celtics. The starting 5 for the 76ers is point guard Ben Simmons, shooting guard JJ Redick, small forward Robert Covington, power forward Dario Saric and the center is Joel Embiid. The sixth team is the Washington Wizards. The Wizards have been the 8th seed for the past 2 years, but I think there going to do a lot better. with the starting 5 of John Wall at the point guard, shooting guard Bradly Beal, small forward Otto Porter Jr, power forward Markieff Morris, and center Dwight Howard. There going to be very good this year. The last but not least the Utah Jazz. The Jazz drafted a very young talented player in Donovan Mitchell. The have a very talented starting 5 but can’t beat the big teams. The starting five is Ricky Rubio, shooting guard Donovan Mitchell, small forward Joe Ingles, power forward Derrick Favors, and center Rudy Gobert. And those are the top 7 starting 5’s in the NBA.

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The Top 7 NBA Starting 5’s