Why Chick-fil-a is the only thing that makes me happy

Yo guys whats going on, today we will be talking Chick-fil-a (aka pure happiness). As some of you may know, Chick-fil-a is the fast food restaurant that (clearly shown by the name) primarily serves chicken based food. But why is this chicken fast food joint the only thing in life that truly makes me happy? Well, I really like food, so this would be something that makes me happy.

  1. The Food: Let us start off with the most important part of a restaurant, the food. Despite being a place that only serves chicken, they have a lot of options including obviously, chicken. My personal favorite is the ‘Chick-n-strips’. They have just the perfect amount of crunch-ness that you would want on the outside of a crispy chicken strip, and the soft, tender, and how the kids say these days “moist” inside of the strip. But if you do not like fried foods don’t worry, they have grilled chicken nuggets, and strips. And if you don’t like chicken strips (like a monster) they have chicken sandwiches, (which come in the spicy variant). So whenever you need a great, solid, food source, that doesn’t even come close to breaking the bank, consider Chick-fil-a.Image result for chick fil a menu
  2. The Sauces: So if you are like me and like to get lost in the sauce, then chick-fil-a is the perfect place for you. They have a wide variety of sauces. And a variety of creamy, or watery sauces as well. So you won’t have to tell twice I should rate my top three picks of their sauces’s from 1-10.  “Chick-fil-a Sauce”, so this is definitely my favorite sauce out of all them, it is the most creamy, the most sweet, but at the same time the perfect amount of savory sauce you will have (and yes it is as creamy as you imagine) 10/10. “Garlic and herb Ranch”, next up on my favorite sauce selection, not only me, but my own friends say that this is their favorite sauce out of all of them. It’s creamy, tasty, and ranchy, 10/10. “Zesty Buffalo”, last one out of my top 3 chick-fil-a sauces, this sauce is more liquid-y  than any of my other two, but none the less, it has a great tangy taste, and its not too spicy, 10/10. Image result for chick fil a sauces list
  3. The employees: Alright, last but definitely not least. The final reason that Chick-fil-a is a true source of happiness for humanity, we have the actual humans working there everyday to provide you with the upper most “quality” of their fried chicken dishes. If you haven’t heard, a new Chick-fil-a location has opened up off of Fallbrook, and they have so many workers there, that there is literally a person that hands you receipts (that is there main job). And if you go inside, there is someone that hands a to-go back to another person that takes it to your table. Other than there being so many worker at this Chick-fil-a, everyone there is so happy! I don’t think I have ever seen a person more happy to be handing angry/tired people in there cars, chicken strips. Image result for chick fil a employee