How easy it is to lie about your identity to someone online.

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People could easily lie about their identity and who they are, they can lie about their school, their name, their look. I had a problem with someone lying about their identity to me and my friend online and it was absolutely horrible.

This was a hale instagram account called “hca mood boards”so this person would post sorts of things that would match a student at hale’s personality. So my and my friend thought the account was cool and messaged this person. We started off with talking about her account and how we thought is was very cool. Then we asked this person who they were, and it was obviously a girl. She started saying very strange deep things and was sort of confusing, but she was very nice. We started to talking to this girl and becoming very good friends with her. She knew so much about who we were and our personalities. However we didn’t even know her name.  Obviously we had to call her something so she told us to call her “b”. Without questioning this we just called her that, then we got curious on who she was. My friend wasn’t as curious as me but she still wondered. So one day out of the blue I started to have a conversation with her, she said something about an incident with my friend. Just to let you know b told us that my friend knows who she is she just needs to forgive her before she could reveal her identity to us.

So we were talking about the incident that B knows about that involves my friend. So I decided to call my friend and ask her about it. Immediately she knows who B is. In this situation someone was filming the incident, and my friend needed to forgive B for something. We put the ideas together and decided to confront B, we told her we figured it out. The problem was my friend never saw B (the girl filming her) ever again. So, we’re talking to B and my friend says she forgives her and asks to know her identity. It takes B two hours to answer this text. She tells us her name is April. And we knew some stuff about B or at least what we were told. She said she goes to Hale and is switching out to Portola the next year. “Real B” also known as April tells us she switched out of hale in the early first semester and moved to Columbus. We trusted this girl but we still wanted to know more. She would always tell us friends of hers at hale and all the people she hates so we asked around for a girl named April. Not one single person knew a person named April. In the meantime, B was telling us she was close with these two girls, let’s call them Becca and Rose. She told us Becca and Rose hate us and that they want to do all this strange stuff. A strange thing was B knew things about people that nobody shared. So B gave us the password to her account. Then all of the sudden B stopped talking to us, and we changed the password of her account (resulting in her being forced out of it) and completely searched through it. Two months before that she had asked my friend to put her email in the account and change the password because she forgot what the password was. So after B stopped talking to us we found out that my friends email had spam mail sent through it and forced her out of the email, which makes you not be able to change the password.

However my friend found a way to get her email back and get rid of the account, to this day we have no idea who owns the hale charter academy mood board account.