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Eighth Grade

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Eighth grade’s been fun(??) so far. I mean my friends are all in my classes and they’re fun and stuff but some of my teachers I don’t like. I guess now we’re going to talk about my classes.

First, I have advisory (everyone has this in the morning) with my science teacher. He’s a cool teacher, but advisory is the most boring place ever. We are all forced to read or do homework and be quiet the while time. But I made a friend (let’s call her “Glasses”) in that class who I always talk to about our other classes and math homework and tests and stuff. That’s always fun. Then, I have the so called “cool kids” next to me and this other guy (let’s call him “Braces”) on the other side who I always yell at to ask him what time it is.

Next, I have PE. Ughhh. I absolutely hate this period mostly because we have to RUN and I ABSOLUTELY HATE RUNNING!!! I have my three of my closest friends,”Braces”, and a guy that we are now going to call “Hyper” in that class so that’s like one of the only reason why that class is fine-ish. They make that class a bit more fun. But another good thing was that today, we had a sub in that class so we got to run 2 laps around the grass in 12 minutes. Which was very easy, so me “Braces” and two of the three (let’s call them “Rose and Aurora”) all walked it. Well, up until “Braces” abandoned us.

My second period is English. I sit next to my best friend (call her ” Shaving Cream”) and two other guys. This class has to be my favorite. I absolutely love my teacher, even though some people don’t like her for the same reasons why I like her. She’s quirky (I don’t know if that’s what I should say about my teacher), a bit hyper (but that’s totally fine), and so nice. The thing I don’t like is certain projects like the photography project we had to do. I usually love photography, but when I have to do it for a class, it just ruins the purpose for me. I know that doesn’t make sense, but that’s how I am. “Braces” and “Glasses” are also in this class.

Third period, I have Science with my advisory teacher. I guess this class is fine. “Shaving Cream” is in this call, but the one thing that bothers me a lot is that this teacher just loves freezing us to death. I usually don’t bring a jacket to school because it’s always so hot after school. This class just kills me, so I’m always asking this girl (“Watch”) what time it is. Then she’s like, “girl chill”. So I chill and wait for the class to end.

Fourth period is Math. Algebra to be more clear. This is a pretty cool class. We always have a warm up or test wight when class starts, then on to classwork with our teams. My team’s pretty great with my best friend, (call her “Ellen”) and this other pretty cool girl. Then, there’s this girl (“Unicorn”). I’m not being rude or anything, but I don’t like her at all. She always is looking over at my paper and if my hand is there, she pushes it off. Then she asks me a question every single minute of that period, but if I answer in a quiet voice (because she’s already annoyed me and I’m trying to do my work, but I can’t) she always asks multiple more times. But I guess that class is fine. The worst thing is notebook checks which absolutely terrifies me, but everything else is fine.

Fifth period, this class is one of my favorites. Journalism, the class I get to finish my homework in, catch up on some of my favorite shows and movies, and laugh at or run away from whatever this guy (“Pancakes”) does. But my friend (“Anime Boy”) is in that class, much like all of my other classes, so that’s good. He’s like one of the only guys in my group I could trust. But of course, I do some of my articles in this class and finish at home.

Finally, I walk to history with “Anime Boy” and “Pancakes” always follow us. This class is pretty chill. I sit next to “Shaving Cream” and “Braces” and “Anime Boy” sits in front of me with “Pancakes” sitting next to him. This teacher is pretty strict which is why he’s not my favorite teacher. I don’t hate him, but he’s just not my favorite. There’s nothing really to write about this class other than the fact that this teacher’s writing hurts my brain mentally. But yeah, that’s it.

After that, I walk with “Anime Boy” to the gym or bleachers where the Y.S. people are and then we go to our lockers. After school’s fun with most of my favorite people such as “Anime Boy”, “Rose”, “Anime Girl”, “Ellen”, “Glass Container”, “Crown Guy”, “Slow Walker”, “Healthy Boy”, “Adorable”, “Boba”, “Boo”, and sometimes “Aurora.”

Eighth grade’s not that much different than sixth and seventh grade.

Also, the reason why I didn’t say my friend’s and classmates’s names was because I thought it would be more fun to write them as our inside jokes and I didn’t want to say their names. Well, that’s it I guess. I was actually just trying to make this article 500 words, but now I guess it’s about 1000 words.

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Eighth Grade