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All The Deans That I Have Experienced

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For all of the years I have been in Hale Charter Academy, from 2016 to now which is like 2 years give or take, there have been a couple of deans and dean changes that I have experienced.

First, the school year 2016 to 2017, the dean that was in charge was Mr. Capretta.  He was a pretty nice dean and didn’t yell too much. He still yelled but only when some juvenile was not acting right or doing shenanigans on important events or dean talks. Unlike some of the deans that are going to mentioned later on, he didn’t make too many announcements about the bad behavior on kids that were in our grade, but I’m not sure about the rest. When he’s out patrolling the children during lunch, he would always have a smile on his face while he was lecturing these immature humans. While he was lecturing the children with happy face, he also intimidated them. Most of the kids who were lectured by him never did anything bad for awhile and sometimes turning into good kids. I forgot which teacher or student told this to me, or it could have been himself, but due to the way he was lecturing the bad kids, he was nicknamed the Happy Grim Reaper or something along those lines.

The next dean that was in charge after Mr. Capretta in the 2017 to 2018 school year was Dr. J. From the conversations I heard from kids around the lunch area, most of the kids say she was stricter than the previous dean, Mr. Capretta. During important events like dean talks and emergency drills, when two or more kids stepped out of line like roughhousing and lollygagging, she would go out of her way to pinpoint the kids who roughhoused and give them a lecture right in front of other children. On some occasions like talking too loud when entering the MPR on dean talks, she would give everyone a one or two minute lecture about why we need to be quiet. When she catches you running in the hallway, she will yell very loudly at you to “Slow down” or “Stop running”. Where ever she is, it always seems like she has a radar on, catching kids no matter where they are.

During the last 2 or 3 months of the 2017 to 2018 school year, a new dean, Mr Hayes, appeared and was given power to become a dean. Since he was the dean for the end of the year, there was nothing I noticed that stood out to me. He didn’t do any dean talks and emergency drills since it was almost the end of the year, so I didn’t see that much out patrolling the children. He was sometimes seen looking over the children at the end of the day making sure no one gets run over by a car on the streets. That’s about all I know about the dean who appeared out of nowhere and became the dean for like 2 months or so.

The new dean this year, 2018 to 2019 school year, is Ms. Sanders. Since the school year just started, not much can be said about her. There has been one dean talk that happened this year. In the dean talk, there were kids who were doing immature acts in the back of the MPR, so she stopped the talk and told them to sit in the very back and get monitored by the PE teachers.

Those are all the deans that I have experienced in the 2 to 3 years in Hale Charter Academy.

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All The Deans That I Have Experienced