My Top Five Favorite Chips

There’s always a time for a snack, for example when you get home from school, when you’re watching tv, or when you simply just want a snack. Here are some of my favorites.

5. Sabritones

Don’t get me wrong I love sabritones but they aren’t my favorite snacks. I honestly really like sabritones they are the perfect amount of salty in my opinion they also have lemon and chile like powder on the chip. Sabritones aren’t really spicy to me but everyone has a different taste to different types of food but personally I think they are great snacks when you just cant Choose which chips to get when your at 7 eleven in the middle of the night getting a snack.

4. Turbo Flamas

I Love theese chips they are honestly so delicious especially since I love spicy chips. Turbo Flamas are shaped in a cool/ weird way they are shaped in like a twist. They have alot of chili so I guess I couls say that for someone who doesnt really like spicy food or who doesnt really like spicy chips they are spicy. I Personally think they are not really spicy they just have a great taste and I really reccomend them.

3.Ruffles : Queso

American ruffles are good and all but the real good ruffles are the ones you get in Mexico. When I went to mexico I got some ruffles and thought they were delicious 100% percent better than American waffles honestly the taste of Non American Ruffles are just better Im not sure if they use different ingredients like more cheese or different seasonings on the Chip but let me tell you if you can get your hands on those Mexican chips, GET YOUR HANDS ON THEM.

2.Hot cheetos xxtra Hot

I love hot cheetos especially the xxxtra hot ones, I would say that they are pretty spicy but that is what makes them good! One of my favorite things to do to them is to go to a convenience store that has like a cheese machine and I open the bag and pour cheese all over the Cheetos. Then you mix the bag up and  eat it with a fork and it tastes so delicious. If you don’t like cheese you can add different toppings to make it taste to your liking. It really just depends on your preferences and what you like better.


I LOVE Takis they are my favorite chips ever anyone who knows me knows that I love Takis.  I know Takis are not really the healthiest snack option but they are really good.  I think Takis are a good snack for anything like I mean ANYTHING like going to the movies, watching a movie at home, going to your friends house, a picnic, a snack for school or anything really. The one thing that I absolutely hate about Takis is that when ever you have them everyone asks you for them like I know, Sharing is caring but at one point your just like BRING YOUR OWN TAKIS.