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How Hurricane Harbor Went

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Hurricane Harbor was really exciting. We had family friends come from Israel. We haven’t seen them since we were babies. When they came we were so happy, and of course we played Fortnite all night. One of the nights we decided that we want to do something. The older kids wanted to go to Six Flags but the youngest wanted to go to Hurricane Harbor. We all decided to go to Hurricane Harbor, so we went planed to the next day. We woke up and waited for them to come. When they got to my house we then waited for my cousins come, and they finally did. We left and the drive was only 45 minutes long which is a good time for Magic Mountain. We finally got there went to the front desk and are parents paid and we got in. It had two options, Six Flags or Hurricane Harbor but of course we went to Hurricane Harbor. We found our seats put sunscreen on took off our shoes and took off our shirts and we wanted to go to the scariest water slide but we wanted to get a warm up slide so we went on a ride that we thought wasn’t scary but turns out it had a straight drop.

After we went waited in line for the scariest ride and it was finally our turn. My little brother was so scared because he is only 8 years old but I forced him on the ride. We got on the tube waiting for the drop, while my little brother was crying. Right before the drop I started chanting my little brothers name to make him feel good and somehow it worked. So then he started to chant and the drop came and he started laughing and we went down and he loved he said that it was his favorite. Then we got off the ride and we went to have lunch. After, we went to another fun ride. This ride was a ride were you can race people so we raced. The ride goes straight down and then has a bunch of bumps and you have a board that you’re holding on your stomach. This was definitely my second favorite ride at Hurricane Harbor. After we went into a ride that was pitch black. On this ride you are forced to go by yourself and you spin in circles and you feel like you are about to fall off the tube but you’re really not going to fall off.

We went to on a big family ride. The tube was really big, it was able to carry six people inside. The ride wasn’t really  that fun but I liked it because it was really relaxing. After, we went to the water park and it was the best part of the trip. We played a game of hide and seek. There was so many slides and a bunch of obstacles. The worst part was when I got hurt. The End!

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How Hurricane Harbor Went