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The Social Structure of Middle School

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Middle school is a race for number two. Everyone is trying to be cool in their own ways. This leads to a particularly wince-worthy experience with everyone acting really weird and everyone being judged while they judge themselves.

The “ideal” person you want to be is the cool kid. These cool kids are often inspired by their alpha male who is usually an internet degenerate. These creatures are often aggressive, unintelligent, and a nuisance to society. But even though these creatures are still an inspiration to the youth of society. This may be because of their looks, confidence, or something else I don’t know. The more similar they are to whoever may be the idol, the more they themselves are idolized. The worst enemy of these humans is any sort of rule and/or mature adults. It still shocks me that juvenile delinquents are the top dogs at school.

The secondary class is the followers of the idols, often called posers. These are the ones who are all style and no substance, even though this “substance” isn’t the best kind. These people wear all the clothes of their idols, but don’t act like them, which is actually a good thing. These kids are just annoying, but nowhere near as annoying as the people they want to be.

Third place for cool is the normal kids. These are the kids who are a bit of everything. They have a bit of sanity, a bit of a brain, a bit of coolness. These kids are not idolized, but not a bad place to be in. These creatures are boring and not interesting to write about.

The fourth best, or one of the lower classes, is the smart losers. These kids have big brains but don’t understand how to socialize. These kids understand how much their life sucks and are even more sad when they realize this. Their greatest strength and weakness is their brain. They succeed in school and easily so. However their knowledge leads to them being too cautious and maybe losing friends. They may have social anxiety due to overthinking everything.

The fifth and lowest class of student is the geek. Geeks are nerds but worse. They have interests in books, games, and other geeky things. They usually don’t engage in social or physical activity which leads to them being antisocial and not appealing. These all lead to them being disliked by others and generally misunderstood.

The last social class is not the students, but the teachers. The two types of teachers are the cool ones and the not cool ones. Cool teachers make their classes interesting and understand how to appeal to children. These are the best teachers, and are usually younger, with exceptions. The not cool teachers are the teachers that are not fun. They have a boring class, give homework, and have no clue how kids act. These teachers are the worst, and even with all their horrible strictness, their classes are still hectic.

These are the social classes of school, including students and teachers.

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The Social Structure of Middle School