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My Great Friends From Hale Charter Academy

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School is a great thing (depending on the person). Personally, school is okay for me. I don’t absolutely adore it, but I don’t despise it with a passion. But I think one thing we can all agree on is that the best thing about school is our friends. Having conversations about hobbies, eating lunch together, helping each other out when problems arise, we all do these things with friends. Now I’ll admit, I have many friends, but there are three people who are the greatest of friends I can ever ask for, and so I’m going to write an article about them.

Burger Please!

Burger Please! is the most loyal person I have ever met. They never throw “friendly insults” at me or at their other friends. We are both equally quirky, so having a conversation will never be a problem. Anyone can literally make any sound or action, and Burger Please! will automatically turn that into a topic you can talk about for 2 months. Burger Please! is also very helpful. If anyone needed anything from them, they would lend it without complaining about taking it out, or even hesitate one bit. And if they didn’t have it, they’d hurry and ask a friend if they can borrow it. Burger Please! is in many of my classes, so we always help each other out!

Here Comes a Thought

Here Comes a Thought has been a “close friend” to me for the past 8 years of my life. Here Comes a Thought tells a lot of people we’ve been best friends for 8 years. To tell you the truth, that’s not the whole case. I’ve known them for 8 years, but I haven’t been best friends with them for 8 years. We didn’t start talking until the end of 4th grade. We started talking to each other because both us loved the Ballroom Dance program we had at our school. That didn’t actually make us become really close friends though. Once middle school came, the people of our elementary school decided to not hang out as a big group after 1 month of school passed! For me, some of my friends went to a different school, and the others just hung out with different people. It wasn’t until the 2nd semester that I noticed that Here Comes a Thought was basically hanging out with some of my friends, and we both liked to reminisce about our elementary school to our friends. That made us become close, and both of us only had each other from our elementary school.

THE Soccer Mom

Now THE Soccer Mom is the definition of my best friend. I met them in the 2nd semester of 6th grade, and their friend said, “Well you guys are going to be best friends.” And sure enough, it happened. THE Soccer Mom is the only person that genuinely shares a good amount of interests with me. They’re also very generous. In 6th grade, they’d always offer to get me something from the Student Store without me paying them back! And whenever there were special occasions, like a birthday or Christmas was coming up, we’d always give gifts to each other. THE Soccer Mom has a friend that’s one of the “cool kids”, so they always tell me about them juicy gossip. I personally don’t care about them juicy gossip, but at least they always have something to tell me so we can have a good long conversation. They’re always so patient, understanding, caring, and nonjudgmental, that I feel that I have been blessed with the most amazing person ever.

Those are all my friends that I can say that I’m proud to know. Also, I only wrote about this because I couldn’t think of what to write about :p.

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My Great Friends From Hale Charter Academy