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Scents of the seasons

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I want to start off with my favorite season, WINTER!

To me winter smells I like pine, cinnamon, peppermint, chocolate and smoke.

I love it when I walk into a room with real Christmas trees seeing the lights, ornaments and smelling pine.

During Winter we wait for the sun to go down and then we light cinnamon candles around the house.

My favorite drink during winter is hot cocoa. I like to stir my peppermint candy cane in my hot cocoa making minty chocolate. As the wood burns in our fireplace little wisps of smoke shoot out into my nostril. As I look at the fireplace I see bright read embers, gray ashes that have fallen off of the wood onto the brick.

My second favorite season is Summer.

The scents of summer smell like, sunscreen, chlorine and freshly cut grass.

My favorite smell is freshly cut grass because I mow the lawn every Friday or Saturday. When I finish with the yard work my lawn smells like freshly cut grass and I am proud of that because I did it with no help at all.

During summer I love to go in my pool, but before I do that I have to put sunscreen on because I don’t want to get burned. Every day I would go in my pool and I always smell sunscreen.

The last smell I smell is chlorine. Our pool guy comes every week and when he is done he always puts chlorine in the pool. Since I would go in the pool every day I would always come out of the pool smelling like chlorine.

My third favorite season is Fall.

Fall smells like pumpkin, birthday cake and baked pumpkin seeds.

My favorite smell is birthday cake because my birthday is in October. This October I’ll be turning twelve.

During Fall I love the smell of pumpkin because it makes me think of carving pumpkins and that is my favorite thing to do for Halloween. One my family tradition is to carve pumpkins the day before haloween. I love to try to plant the seeds but I always forget to water them.😂

Lastly my favorite smell is raw pumpkin seeds.

Every time I carve a pumpkin, I always try to eat the goop, but I spit it out because it’s gross. So I decide to cook the pumpkin seeds and eat them, now those are awesome! The smell I smell is seasonings with a little bit of pumpkin still in the kitchen from carving them.

My last favorite season is Spring.

When most people think of Spring,  they probably think it smells like flowers. But, to me Spring smells like leather, rain soaked fields, stinky feet.

My first favorite smell is rain soaked fields because when I walk onto the softball field I love the smell of mud and rain mixed together. Also whenever I slide into a base I slide right over the bases because are wet. That’s fun!💕

My second favorite smell is leather.

Whenever a new season of softball comes around I always oil my glove to break it in.

My last favorite smell is stinky feet.

My feet stink a lot, so when I am wearing my kleets I am obviously sweating. I’m in love with softball so I always were my kleets. Lastly my favorite smell out of all of these is cinnamon, but there are so many other smells I love.



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Scents of the seasons