All the Girls in my Ballet Class (Part 1)

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Hello everyone. It’s me again! So today I am going to tell you about every girl in my Ballet class. Don’t worry, it’s not a long list. We have a small school, anyway. So lets get started.


Siri is the best one in my class, according to most of my ballet teachers. She has very good legs and feet, but she has no stage presence whatsoever. Her code name is short for serious, and that’s because  looks very serious when she dance and doesn’t look like she is having any fun. To be honest, I am sort of jealous of her, but that’s only because it seems everything comes extremely easy for her. She also has no problem telling you if you’re doing something wrong. For example, we just had costume fittings for the nutcracker, and she went up to me and asked, “which costume do you have?” I simply pointed to the costume I had and she ran her finger through the fabric. She looked at it in disgust and said, “Oh, I’m sorry.” Then she skipped over to the one she had and bragged to everyone who would listen. Don’t get me wrong, she has her weird moods sometimes, but we’re friends and I have no hatred towards her.


Lightning is a super nice girl. Except when it’s a show. Then she basically holds title the Devil in point shoes. She pushes you, shoves you, yells at you, complains to you, tells you your makeup is off, anything to make you think that your not good enough for whatever your doing. But any other day, she’s a super nice person. Lighting is her name because everything she attempts to do is way too fast. That’s it.

Out To Lunch, a.k.a You don’t have a clue what your doing. Anytime, Anywhere

Out to lunch, a nice way of saying “You don’t have a clue what your doing. Anytime, Anywhere.” She’s a baby in a 11 year old’s body who claims she is “mature”. Why say such things? Well, she still eats lunch on her mom’s lap at dance, which is rather confusing to the rest of the class, because we can eat lunch on our own and can sit up by ourselves. That’s a fact. Also, she supposedly danced longer than all of us, and she still can’t do her own hair or put her ballet clothes on herself. I mean, some people need their mom longer than the rest. And that’s fine. You do you, right?

Sister Ian

“Hey sisters, so today I’m with sister Ian.” Is the 8 greatest words James Charles ever shouted. Sister Ian was one of the best things that happened to me. And that is why that is her name. She is your go-to emergency makeup do-er for shows, and your little sister any other day. This sweet soul doesn’t have a bad bone in her body to start with. She’s the calmest girl on the planet that holds the crown for “anti-drama queen”. I think Siri and Lightning need an appointment with her. As soon as possible, please.

(stay updated for part 2)




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