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Nine amazing movies and shows worth watching.

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I am twelve years old, so I have watched quite a lot of movies and shows in my life. In the past couple years I’ve seen very few good shows and movies made. So today i’m going to share my ten favorite movies and shows!

My first favorite movie I actually wrote a review on, the movie “If I Stay”, this movie is absolutely amazing. Brilliant acting, amazing plot, and an amazing story line. Next is a show called, “Grey’s Anatomy” this show is still going on and in a month is releasing it’s fifteen season! This movie is about a group of soldiers that are as close as a family, they help save lives and most of them have been through horrible things. This show has some of the best story lines and interesting characters I have ever seen in a show or movie. It’s amazingly paced and has some of the best actors.

The next show is the show, “Friends” this show also lasted I believe eleven years. This is about a group of six friends who experience their tough lives together. It’s mostly a comedy I’d say and it’s also very entertaining. The next one is another show, this show lasted four years. It was called, “Raising Hope”, this show is about a family that is very strange trying to raise their daughter/grand-daughter. This show is definitely comedy and one of the most creative shows I’ve ever seen. The story line is good beginning to end. Definitely one of my favorites in this article.

Next is actually a pretty well-known book series that turned into a movie, “Nancy Drew”.  This is a movie about a young girl that loves solving crimes. She is solving a crime that’s very old but has never been solved, I thought this was a very good movie that I have even watched again quite a few times. Next is another show, “Monk”, this is a show about a detective who has OCD disorder. He is a suspended police officer that solves murder cases because his wife was murdered. He wants to help people in similar situations like his. Next is a movie, “Click”, this movie starred Adam Sandler. This is definitely and comedy with some sad key parts, this is about a father that spends to much time at work. He has two kids and puts most of the work on his wife. He gets a controller for his television that is the remote of his life. Next there is another show, “That 70’s Show” this show is definitely a comedy, it’s about a ton of kids in the 70’s that hangout in one kids basement. You have to watch the show to understand it, but I say trust me because it’s absolutely amazing. Next is another movie, “Call Me By Your Name” this movie is a definite favorite the actors are incredible and very talented. This movie has the best plot, it’s about a summer fling. You have to watch it to capture the beautiful film.

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Nine amazing movies and shows worth watching.