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Adidas Ultra Boost

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I’ve wanted these shoes for about 1 and a half years. They’re the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned because of their foam at the sole of the shoe. I herd about them from a lot of people having them, then asked them what kind if shoe it was, then I got to know them better. All my friends had them, my cousins, and my Grandma had a pair. My mom would never, ever say “yes” to those shoes because they were just to expensive. I gave up after a while until I went to my other Grandma’s house in Newport. There is this famous surfing spot called The Wedge. That place is known for there big barrels that crash right on the shore of the beach. I love my grandma because she bought me the shoes. My grandma is so thoughtful to buy these shoes, and I had a big smile on my face when she said that she would buy me the shoes.

I tried to look for better prices but I couldn’t find any lower prices for the shoe. I looked on three websites for a lower price but none of the websites had a lower reasonable price for me to buy them. When I went to my grandma’s house she said that she would buy me them. Half of the reason I bought them was of the mile, and just of looks and style. I run a lap in three minutes and thirty seconds. If I run at the same pace and the same speed I would have an opportunity to run the mile in five minutes. That would be my fastest mile because my best mile is five minutes and fifty-five seconds. When I finished I was so surprised that I run the mile in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. And I was so happy that the shoes made me run faster because the are lighter. The shoes have blue and white stripes down the main part of the shoe rubber three steps down the middle of the shoe. The main part is a very light white sock material to make them very soft an comfortable. The laces are also white and blue stripes with metal tips at the end to keep the laces in tact. The goal or the bottom of the shoe is a squishy foam that is compact. The foam is what makes the shoe the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. The shoe has taller ant thicker foam at the back and thinner foam at the front. The reason for that is so that when you step you hit hit the back and that forces you to walk to the front of the shoe which makes the shoe very comfortable.

My Grandma bought the shoes of Amazon. She shipped them from her house all the way to my house. I will keep these shoes clean so that I can keep them as long as possible. I am so thankful to have these nice shoes.


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Adidas Ultra Boost