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Soccer Tournament

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So I  had a soccer tournament in Huntington Beach. We had to play 3 games. We lost the first game,  tied the second game and tied the last game. Some how we passed to the finals. But the finals was gonna be a tough because the team we were gonna play beat us in the first game. We lost 3-2. The only reason why we lost was because they only had 1 good player that was pretty good. The only reason why he would score was because he was tall. And he was a lefty. And most of our players kicked with their right.

Well anyways we put our center back on him. And the good thing about our center back is that he is fast and aggressive. He’s kind of good. The guy scored  3 goals on us. Probably because the center back was running up cause someone was probably gonna send him so he can score. He was one of the fastest players on our team. So it started 1-0 because I scored a free-kick. It went right over the goalie’s head. He almost blocked it. I usually take all the free-kicks.

It’s really fun taking the free-kicks. I usually score them, not all the times though. I think I score like 75% of the time. We were 1-1 halftime it was so intense. Our coach said this, you guys have to believe in yourself. It was the most intense 2nd half ever. 5 minutes into the game and they scored a goal. We were so mad. But we weren’t down, we touched the ball so much, and then i saw my best friend called angel running. I told him to run so I kicked it so far but luckily his speed made him  catch up to the ball.

He hit it really good. Next thing you know BAM! It went in. We were 2-2 and the game was so intense, we knew we had a chance now. 30 minutes left in the game and it was 2-2. 10 minutes and nothing hapoened, but then my friend called Kenny ran to this guy and slid but the guy kicked it and it hit Kenny right in the face. His head hit the ground and he couldn’t get up . So they took him out the field but he said his head hurt. They took him to the hospital and they found out that he has a concussion.

There were 15 minutes left to the game. And the game was still 2-2 . All the parents were nervous but not as nervous as us. I told all my teammates this, just touch the ball and don’t play back. So that’s what we all did. And next thing you we scored. But there were 5 minutes left and we we’re winning but everyone was tired cause we jus finished from playing a game. They scored one of the luckiest goals ever. I was running the the player and I got the ball and the guy pulled my shirt.

The red didn’t even call anything it got me so mad. Well after they pulled my shirt the other kid got the ball and scored. So it was 3-3. Everyone thought we were gonna go to penalties. But we didn’t, we went to over time each half time was 10 minutes. Well since everyone was tired they scored on the first 10 minutes. So then whe switched sides and then a miracle happened. There was 1 minute on the clock and it was a corner kick. Me and my friend Abbos always tried this one thing on the corner kicks but it never worked. So I told him to try it again .

He would run from the back and he would head it, so I saw him running and I kicked it. He ran to the ball and he headed it. And GOAL!!!!! Everyone was so happy. So now it was penalties. We had to pick 5 players to shoot. The coach picked me and other 4 players. I scored accept one player. So the other team had to miss, and they did. Our goalie blocked it. And who ever missed was technically out but the other team had to score. No one missed and it was down to the goalies.

Our goalie scored it so the other goalie had all the pressure on him. Our goalie dived and he blocked it. It was the best felling ever. We won the championship.


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Soccer Tournament