Why I’m not a Hypebeast anymore


Welp, all of my friends will be very happy to know that I am no longer a “hypebeast” anymore. If you have not read any of my past articles, you would not know that for the past year, I have been pretty interested in clothing that had “hype” around them. And while I still do like brands like supreme, bape, off-white, and

comme des garcon, I am not after their pieces 24/7. So, after being pretty educated in the category of “hype”, I will be explaining why I am not a hypebeast anymore.

1.Way too expensive: Alright, this one is a pretty obvious point to make about this style. Since everything is so sought after, people start purchasing and “re-selling” items for way more than they should be sold for. And things that look like they came straight out of your grandma’s basement, sell for above a grand just because pretentious 12 year old children want it for their “fit”. (Personal experience) I bought a pair of $645 shoes (that I never wear by the way). And that $645 that could’ve been spent on something useful, like multiple pieces of clothing, or vbucks in Fortnite!

Image result for hypebeast starter pack

2.You look like a pretentious idiot: Next up, we have probably the most compelling argument to make you want to stop. In general looking like an uneducated, stupid, rich, and cocky human being isn’t the best option. But (it could be fun at times. Seeing your friends reaction to some of the things that you have on is actually really funny. And most of the time (if your friends are sane) they will 100% judge you and criticize you for what ridiculous stuff you have on your body. But there is no doubt that you will look like an idiot wearing clothes that have “hype” behind them. Half of the things that you have to say are taken differently or first impressions are ruined by people thinking “oh my god this kid has too much supreme/bape/off white/comme des garcon.” (I say this because this is what I usually think whenever I see little children wearing outfits that cost more than some cars).Image result for 12 year old hypebeast

3. Getting asked if my clothes are “fake” constantly: Okay, this one is probably the most annoying out of all of my points. I hate it when little 2 year old children come up to me with their friends and ask me if my piece is fake (and then just automatically assume that it is). And while I love it when people look at my outfit, and point fingers, and hearing the occasional “oh my god is that off-white?” or “did you just see what she was wearing”. It is really annoying when I am out here just trying eat my lunch, and someone just comes up to me and asks if it is fake (then walks off and chuckles because they know it is). Just talk about it behind my back! Don’t go up to me and ask, because most of the time you know the answer don’t you? Image result for fake supreme