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The Hardest Part of Each Class

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School is overall a relatively easy thing, but there are obviously a few hard parts about each class. Whether this is a challenging subject, an issue with a student, or an annoying teacher, it is inescapable to have a problem with something at school.

My first period is my advisory, and the problem with this class is the fact that I have to haul my big backpack all the way to the class for a mere book. However I also have my books for English. And PE is my next class. I used to go all the way to my locker to put my stuff away and then go back. Now I just drop my backpack at my nearby English class.

PE is my next, but technically first period. There are a lot of things I don’t like about PE. But by far, my biggest issue with PE is the students themselves. I don’t know basically anyone in this class. Those I do know I don’t like due to them all being annoying or stupid. Even though the class is first period and you’d expect it to be at least a bit cold, it’s still really hot. After running a single lap, you will look like you just got out of a pool. We just started units and are currently doing archery which is a lot harder than it looks.

My second period is English and I have a really hard time paying attention in this class. When I get in I just stare at a wall and talk and then suddenly realize I have to get stuff out. I also have this kid next to me who never shuts up and argues with a kid at my table. It is basically a war of one kid being annoying, and two tables trying to get him to shut up. The teacher isn’t even organized which adds to the hectic environment.

My third class is science and the two annoying parts are the scientific method and the kid in front of me, the same kid that argues in English class. His arch nemesis is also in front of him and they continually argue. The other thing I don’t like is the scientific method. The entire process is so unnecessary and boring to me. First you have to make an observation, which always ends up in me making some dumb boring idea about which time of day is the hottest.

Math is my next class, and the biggest challenge is getting all the work done on time. The warm up takes 25 to 30 minutes. The next half hour is me desperately trying to finish my work on time which leads to me abandoning my team.

My fifth period is this class, journalism. The hardest part of this class is coming up with ideas. I sit for half the class brainstorming and pondering before finally coming up with a few a ideas, which I reject most of, and end up with some lame idea.

My last class is history and the problem is writing all the stuff. We have so many notes and worksheets, just like any history class.

Then you go home.

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The Hardest Part of Each Class