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FIFA Rules of Soccer

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I play a sport called soccer there are 17 rules in soccer. There has to be a ball fully pumped and a size 5 ball. In soccer there is 1 referee and you he choose weather if it is a fair play or not if you don’t follow his word you either get a yellow card or red card. In soccer if you foul someone in an unfair way you also either get a yellow or red card. If you get a yellow card the referee is telling you, you have a warning. You will get a red card automatically if you slide tackle with two feet or argue with the referee.

In FIFA rules there must be 11 player including the goalkeeper. Every player must have cleats, shinguard, and a jersey. Players must have there socks over there shinguard if the players equipment the ref can take them out of the game. If the team is in the middle of the play and the player is behind the last defender of the last team they stop the game and they get a free kick and if they scored it would be no goal because it was offside. A free kick can be taken in two ways but the ref chooses either one. There are indirect free kick and direct free kick indirect free kick means you have to pass it before you shoot and direct you can shoot or pass. The other team has a wall of three too five people standing.

When the ball goes out of bounce they get a throw in and if it goes behind the goal they get a corner kick which that means you basically get free kick from the end and the edge of the goal. If the ball goes out of bounce by the other team in there side of the field they get a goal kick. Goalkeepers are only allowed to use there hands on the ball when the ball is in the box. If goalkeepers use there hands out of the box they get a red card and they have to switch a goalkeeper and the other team gets a penalty. When the goalkeeper takes a goal kick he can take it any were whiten 6 yards. In soccer there you are not allowed to use your hands except the goalkeeper and when you throw a throw in.

When you start the game you must be in the middle of the field before kicking off. But before you start you have to hear the refs whistle. Penalty’s are only taken when it is tie game after over time or if someone fouls you in the goalkeepers box. In penalty no one can stand in your way when you take the shot. The goal keeper has to stand on the line of the goal and the ball has to stand 12 feet away from the goal. A soccer game is 90 minutes long and after 45 minutes there is half time so the players get time to drink water and make new positions.

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FIFA Rules of Soccer