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Differences between scrimmages and games in Softball

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To start I would like to say that I am a catcher.

A scrimmage is just like a practice, but with more people not on your team.  Normally we do it the day before a game, so that the plays are fresh in our minds. It is not really competitive, the coaches are the umpires and it is the time when we make a mistake the coaches come out and teach us the right way so we don’t make the same mistake in a real game. Depending on your coach he or she will sometimes give you signs on how to hit the ball. Before a scrimmage we normally do a hour practice just to get us warmed up, then we go to the scrimmage. Our coach wants us to treat this like a real game but also have fun. One thing that we don’t do often in scrimmages but always in games is slide into the bases. You would think we would practice more but our coaches don’t want us to get hurt prior to a game.

Let me tell you about my last scrimmage. The coach of my team this season was the same coach who I started with in the league, and we played against my last season coach which was weird. I was playing against my friends and old team mates. As I was up to at I noticed that my friend from school, was their main catcher. I was so happy and nervous at the same time because I was hitting right in front of her and I didn’t want to make a mistake right in front of her. Here’s a fun fact, the only coaches in the entire league who have a pony tail are these two coaches.

Now, lets talk about the real game. In a game, you have a trained umpire, not a coach, because the coach needs to stay focused on their team and the assigned positions. The stress level on the field is so much different than a scrimmage. No one wants to make mistakes, but under pressure it happens. Our coaches are there to correct us and also help us move on from our mistake. As a catcher the hardest part for me is knowing where all of the plays are and diving for balls. What I like most about catching is that my team relies on me and during the inning I’m in control. As a catcher I have to stop the ball. I’m often on the ground diving for the ball. You got to do what it takes to stop the ball.

I like playing in games better because when I hit the ball, run across home plate or make an out I feel happy. My hard work in practices and scrimmages pay off. I always try my hardest whether I’m in practice, in a scrimmage or a game.  I really love softball and being a part of a team. We all support each other and cheer each other on.


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Differences between scrimmages and games in Softball