The Cons of Drinking Cow Milk

Since cow milk is mass produced and is sold all over the world, you would think that it is healthy for human consumption, but that is where you are wrong kiddo. Based on some science research that really smart people did, it was proved that cow milk was not designed for human consumption(by mother nature of course) rather, it was actually made for cows. WOW. Since it is made for cows, when consumed by humans, it messes with the natural human processes (like metabolism). A study done by Deepa Verma, a person with a medical degree, says that cow milk has three times the amount of protein than human milk has and creates a metabolic disturbance in the human body. Disturbances in human metabolic rates have been linked to a metabolic bone disease called PDB or Paget’s Disease of the Bone which can cause bones to grow larger and weaker than the average bones in the human body. America,the country with the highest consumption of dairy, has the highest rate of osteoporosis. The US produced about 96 million metric tons of milk in 2016.

Cow milk and some dairy products are actually pro inflammatory, meaning that it can cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the human body has been linked to the development of arthritis since the body’s joints and other things are inflamed due to the cow milk and the other dairy products. Cow milk is also mucus producing.  It produces mucus that could end up in the respiratory track which can cause many problems. First, mucus that ends up in the respiratory track can block it up and cause shortness of breath. If the mucus ends up in the nose, it can catch many bacteria in the air that you breathe that you may have an allergy on and can irritate the respiratory system. The mucus can also catch bad bacteria in the air that can get you sick or harm the body. The mucus can also enter the sinuses and causes allergies.

Also, cattle that produce dairy are injected with hormones to boost their milk production. One of the hormones injected in cows is called IGF-1, which is an insulin-like growth factor, which stimulates rapid growth for the calves and coincidentally humans, since we drink their milk, and it boost the multiplication and division of cells, which also includes abnormal cells.  Many studies have linked the hormone, IGF-1, to various cancers including prostate cancer and breast cancer. Drinking cow milk was also linked to iron-deficiency anemia in infants and children causing cramps and diarrhea. Cow milk by itself also has virtually no iron, which can cause iron deficiency. As well as no iron, cow milk also has no fiber and no complex carbohydrates. What cow milk has plenty of is cholesterol, fats, and saturated fats. Cow milk can also be contaminated with the cow’s blood and pus. It could also be contaminated with many insecticides, hormones, and antibiotics that can be bad to the human body.

There is also a possibility that drinking cow milk could also lead to atherosclerosis, which is a disease that leads to plaque build up on the artery walls, halting blood flow. The blockage in arteries could also lead to heart attacks. Since cow milk contains fats and saturated fats, it can increase the risk of chronic and cardiovascular diseases. Drinking cow milk can also lead to subtle blood loss in the digestive tracks of small children.

Those are some cons that come with drinking cow milk, which some people drink daily. Next week look forward to all the benefits that cow milk gives that is healthy and good for the human body.