Starting every new year at Hale

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First off, I’d like to say, I’m a seventh grader.

Right before starting sixth grade, I moved to Woodland Hills. That was very difficult for me, but I kicked the school year off with a positive attitude. But wait, I didn’t start school with friends. So I had to try and make friends and that was very difficult for me. I was also nervous about passing periods and my grades. Oh ya,  you also need to figure out how to do things on your own. I think that was the most difficult thing for me. Fortunately, I figured it out.

It took time to for me to get comfortable at Hale.  This school was so much bigger and different from my elementary school. My elementary school had a total of 600 kids but this school has about 2,000 kids. WOW, what a difference! This school even has an amazing student of store. Whereas at my old school we just had a cart. The first friend I made was Emily. We started talking while getting breakfast for our class, then we kept eating nutrition and lunch together and instantly became friends. I met other friends in my classes and during nutrition and lunch. One girl became one of my close friends by being my gym locker buddy.

In fall I joined West Valley Girls Softball. Some of the girls on my team also went to my Hale, and we became better friends. By the end of sixth grade, I had many friends, I was familiar with the school and my surroundings.

Now I’m a seventh grader. The first day of school I was exited to see my friends and meet my new teachers. I’m in honors classes this year and I had to make new friends because I don’t see many of my friends from sixth grade. One of my softball friends had just started sixth grade, and I was exited to help her and show her around. We eat lunch together and share friends.

Now I like to help new sixth graders. If I see someone struggling with their lockers, I will go up to them and help them. Sometimes they don’t want me to know their locker combo’s, so I tell them, “it’s okay, I won’t tell anybody. In fact, I will probably forget it in like five seconds.”

By the end of seventh grade, I hope to have had fun school year, learned lots of things and receive A’s in all of my classes.

I predict when I start eighth grade, I will know my way around the entire campus, have lots of friends and will be helpful to all of my lower grade peers. I suspect that all of my classes will be challenging and the teachers will be us getting ready for high school. I think that once spring comes around, my friends and I will be so exited for graduation, and that’s when we will have to stay really focused in all of our classes. In conclusion, sixth grade was awesome and seventh is already pretty cool and I can’t wait for eighth grade.😉

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