Technology Then And Now

Have you ever thought to yourself how the technology back then was before 1970? Well it was pretty bad, compared to the technology we have today. If the technology was like back then today, there would be problems, because the world changed. Today we have technology that really helps people. And when I mean today I mean after 2013. Technology helps scientists find out new and old discoveries. It helps us find new places, under the sea, and above the sea. Yes the technology back then is pretty cool today, but it didn’t have google or YouTube. Or most of the things that can help us learn new things today. The technology today helps kids, teens, and collage student learn new things and old things. And it helps people  get healthier because the technology today helps them find new medicine and more, that can save a person, a friend, or a family member. So the technology today helps doctors, dentists, scientists, teachers, and more. Not only that it helps people. It also helps animals. Animals in the jungle, animals in the forest, in the ocean, and even pets that you have at home. There are also better technologies to help people go places around the world, like cars, planes, trains, and more.

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But honestly, most of the time kids are addicted to the technology today. When back then before 1970, kids would go outside and play. And today kids all around the world sit home and watch T.V or play video games, like fortnight and more.

But what I’m really trying to say is that  30/40 years ago the technology has changed a lot. We have bigger TVs, we have apple watches. And we have new technology to help people to loose weight. And there are better ways to make movies, with better footage, and it looks more realistic, if you draw a movie. And we have better printers. But i still wish that i had one of those old printers that they had back then.

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So you can see that technology changed a lot over the years. Most of the time its a good thing but sometimes it’s a bad thing, because people are on it all day. But it does really helps people, and animals. So you should be thankful for being in this century. And I interviewed  8 people from my class, about there opinion, if they like the technology better after 2013, or old technology, before 1970 better or in between those dates. And out of 8 people, they all chose the new technology. But in my opinion i like both, new and old technology. And also technology can be things in in the kitchen. Like the fridge you have at home, oven, stoves, microwaves, air condition changer, and if you don’t know what i mean with the air condition changer is the thing when you change the temperature for the house. And also if you didn’t know they are making new and improved robots.

So you can see that the technology from before 1970 and after 2013, has changed a lot. So do you like the technology before 1970 or after 2013, or even between those dates.