Are Kids Addicted to their Phones?

As you may know, almost every kid is obsessed with their phones these days. Due to this, they can’t even leave their house without their phones. We’ve decided that it would be very interesting to survey every grade in Hale Middle School, and try to understand the difference of the answers and why they are different.We surveyed three VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts Program) classes that will represent each grade. Some questions that we asked were, “How many hours can you go without your phone,” and, “When was the last time you left your house without your phone.” About seven out of thirty people don’t have a phone in sixth grade. But in eighth grade, only one person did not have a phone. We think that the reason for this is that most eighth graders are more independent at this age and don’t hang out with their parents as much. So if a eighth grade girl is at the mall with her friends, she needs a phone to contact her parents so she can get a ride home. And of course, because of this it causes the eighth graders to check their phones more often. But in sixth grade, they are still too young and dependent to their parents, so there’s no reason for them to have a phone. Although, when we surveyed our fellow seventh graders, two people didn’t have a phone, which we are not exactly sure why.

Almost every sixth grader could go more than a whole day without their phone, meanwhile seventh and eighth graders had worse results. They said that they couldn’t go more than one day without even looking at their phones. Studies from the New York Times have proved that if kid’s phone is in a different room, they will do better on a test. So if you but your phone in a different room that you are not currently in, you are less likely to check it. The New York Times’ studies have also said that seventy-eight percent of children at least have to check their phone hourly.

Of course, some people only have a phone for calling or texting. For example, Florencia Goldenberg, a fellow Hale Husky states, “My family lives in another continent. And the only way that I can talk/see them is to text, call, or video chat with them on my phone.”

So even though kids see each other almost every day at school, they still want to be connected to their friends while they are at home or somewhere else. We asked a student if they thought they were addicted to their phone and if so why, and they said, “Maybe it was because there are so many choices and things to do on your phone. You can listen to music, play a game, go on Snapchat and Instagram, watch movies, watch Youtube videos, and many other things,” those are the things making children addicted to their phones.

We are not saying that it is bad to be addicted to your phone, but is it ever bad to not not be addicted? I would just pay attention to not being on your phone for hours and hours. Not that we ourselves are not guilty for doing that. But once in a while, you should just pick up a book, go outside, meet face to face with your friend, go on a walk, anything really that makes you happy.

On The New York Times, it mentions that South Korea invented a 10 item questionnaire that is used to determine how addicted teens are to their phones. On an article called, Kidslox, it mentions that a lot of kids get anxiety, depression, problems with sleeping, relationships. Some kids even get obsessive-compulsive disorder. On Psychology Today, it mentions that most kids are eight or more hours on their phones daily, that means that they at least use their phones for fifty six hours weekly. On an article that was published on CNN 10 it says that they made a poll because fifty percent of teenagers felt that they were addicted to their phones. According to a poll that was made for Common Sense Media (or CSM) it says that fifty-nine percent of parents say that they are pretty sure that their teenage kids were addicted to their phones.

We asked some students in our classes why they are addicted to their phones, if they were. A fellow student named Hailey, said that she was indeed not addicted to her phone, because she limits her time that she has on her phone. She says that she knows that people at some point can become addicted, so since she does not want that to happen to her, she limits the time she’s on her phone. I asked a table of people. Their answers sounded very close to what most people research about. For example, one girl, which shall not be named, said that it was her only confident way of socializing. Another person, said that it was their only form of entertainment he was accessible to.As we said earlier, if kids spend time on their phone right before bed they will have trouble sleeping. The reason for this is because of something in all phones called a ‘blue light’. The blue light is basically artificial light coming from your phone. It tricks your brain and confuses your biological cycle. So instead of checking your Instagram account one last time before bed, turn it off, plug it in, and go to sleep.

In conclusion, this article listed mostly every reason of why most kids are addicted to their phones, why some kids aren’t, and why some kids don’t even have phones. This article was written Elinor McGrath and Florencia Goldenberg. We hope you learned something from this article and take notice of how much time you spend with your phone.