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All of my baseball Injuries

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I play baseball. And sometimes it can really wear me out. And sometimes I get really hurt. I’m gonna tell you about a few of my worst and most painful baseball injuries.

I forget how old I was but I remember I was at a baseball practice for my West Hills team and it was a Friday. My dad had to go to my sisters practice and my mom had to go out with her friend or something, so my friends dad had to take me home after practice. I remember we were doing like a base running drill where we would try and steal third while the catcher tried to throw us out.

I remember it was my turn to go. I ran and got to third but I was out. Then I went again and I was safe. Then I went again but I didn’t slide and the catcher threw a bad throw and it hit me in the face. I kind of just fell on the ground and started crying not really knowing what was going on. I felt my face and there was blood everywhere. I went to the hospital and they practically just said that I had a broken nose.

Another one of my worst baseball injuries was when It was my first game back from being very sick with Viral Meningitis. We won and went to the championship the next day. That morning I was feeling really good and so my coach told me I was pitching. We were winning by a ton and when I was pitching my arm started getting sore. I kept pitching though. In the next inning I went back out to pitch and I struck out the first batter. But when I was pitching to the next batter I threw a pitch and my arm just shot and filled with pain. I went to the doctor the next day and I guess I had some elbow injury called little league elbow.

I was in a cast for the rest of the summer and I couldn’t throw a baseball for like a year after that.

I used to catch so my legs and feet were always worn down. I guess because I caught so much I guess my heels got super worn out and I got some disease call Severs disease where my heel plate got like messed up or something.

Those are my worst baseball Injuries.

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All of my baseball Injuries