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Sarah and Her Life Problems

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Once upon a time, there was a little young girl that was named Sarah. Her parents were very scared of her because she was doing bad and disrespectful things. She was going through a hard time. The poor little girl did not have anyone to talk to. One day her parents decided to send her to a mental institution. When Sarah went to the institution, she was miserable out of her mind. She did not know what to do with herself while she was locked up in this crazy place. She barely got any food, water, shower time, or anything! She was not allowed to go on any electronics devices like phones, Ipads, or Ipods. She was bored every single day of her life because she lived in that place. All she needed was someone to talk to. Sarah was not actually mental, she just needed was someone who understood her.

Sarah found out that parents were getting divorced because the mental institution that she was at, informed her because her parents called. She was very sad about it. She felt all sorts of sadness that she has not felt before in her entire life. She really wanted a Therapist or a psychologist to talk to so that she can express all her problems. She had a feeling that the Therapist or psychologist would understand her and believe that she was not mental. Although, she would not know how to say that she did bad things. Sarah pranks people with a lot of mean things but at all the moments that she does everything, she does not realize what she is doing and how mean it is.

Sarah’s parents did miss her a ton but they thought that if she came back, she would go crazy again and do harmful things to her parents. Sarah feels bad about everything she does after she does it. One day, she asked the people who work at the mental institution if she can call her mother. They gave her the phone to borrow and as soon as her mother answered and she heard her mother’s voice, she started balling her eyes out. She started sincerely apologizing and she kept on saying how bad she felt and how much she misses her mother and father. Her mother started tearing up and breathing heavily because she started to cry more and more and Sarah heard her over the phone. After they had a long conversation, Sarah asked to make one more phone call. She called her father and told him that she misses him just as much as she misses her mother. She started apologizing to her father too and she said she promises to both of them to never ever be disrespectful and pull mean and harmful pranks on them again.

One day, when Sarah woke up, she saw her mother in front of her face and she jumped up, shedding tears of joy. Although her mother and father got divorced, she lived happily and she caused no more disrespect and harmful pranks to her parents.

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Sarah and Her Life Problems