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The new 2018 Alfa Romeo SUV

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The new Alfa Romeo Suv, is the first suv fort the italin racing cars company. People are some what hesitated to purchase this car due to the fact that it is the first of its kind, but is quite luxurious. Today I was able to sit in one and test drive it. The drive is absoulutley AMAZING. There are three different driving modes, but when you switch to dynamic you won’t go back. The car has an amazing pick up and drive for a basic engine and 200 horse power.

I loved ALMOST everything about it, the car itself is very CUTE and sporty but the technology package is just not my favorite. It is very basic and that technology is in all of them to my knowledge. The drive was SOOO good though. So you can always go with the maserati levante, but than you are looking at about 100,000, with the alfa romeo you are only at about 40ish so its up too you. Personally I didnt test drive the maserati because at this time I am not looking at buying a 100,000 dollar car. If I was it would be a top pick for sure. It is very hard to get reviews on the new alfa romeo because it has only been out for less than a year. Which is a good and bad thing beacause I am asumming that since this is its first year the prices will be at its lowest compared to the other possible future models. Here is somones review on the car.

This is one I personally recieved,

It has sharp handeling it is very sporty a little bit compact in the rear but still very nice. The interior is very plain, compared to other vehicles I have looked at inluding the maserati suv. But of course the price tags are much different. I have to say I love the drive. One of the best driving luxury suvs, but it just not have that luxury feel that I desire. The seats where actually very comfurtable and luxurious. Again it was just very plain and boring, no wow factors and personally nothing special about it. All it has going for it is the drive. I actually found out that alfa romeo was making a car through my oldest son. He loves cars, I then researched the car and built my own online I loved it online, but in person it just did not seem as special. Not planning on buying.

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The new 2018 Alfa Romeo SUV