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I was watching a thing called Black fish and it was about how Killer whales are being mistreated by going into to Sea world and captivity. They are wild animals and are not domesticated because they have been in the ocean for years and have started their own lives and now are being captured by people like workers from Sea World. They were really upset on one of the hunting trips. Since all this capturing was very common to the whales and they are very smart. They knew when they saw the boats, they were going to be captured. So they made a very smart plan. The very big males swam one way to attract the attention of the boats, while the mothers with babies went the other way keeping their dorsal fins below the water so they would not be seen. But the aircraft’s caught them when they had to come up for air. This goes to show that these animals are very smart.

Now Sea World had a very smart and attractive Killer Whale named Tilikum. He was a huge whale that didn’t have any problems health wise and behavioral wise. He was a great one and was great with the audiences, Sea World before it’s huge aquariums and open space was a small portable craft that floated on the water that was small and compact. There was one male (Tilikum) and two females. After all their shows at night they would go into a very tiny chamber that barely fit them and the females would abuse Tilikum.

In the morning he would have rakes which are very small scratches that would bother him throughout the day so he would get cranky and not do what he was told only causing him more punishment. They cannot take this burden they need a way out. So they kill. Dawn was a great Sea World trainer and was killed by the one and only Tilikum who was having a bad day and ripped her arm off and drowned her. It’s sad to think that is could happen to someone. They didn’t deserve this, but the whale thought that he should. Domesticated animals are okay in homes, but non-domesticated animals are not allowed to be in a habitat they are not used to because they will never be the same and they will never be different. You can’t change their wild instincts.

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