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The Seventh Grade Experience Part Two

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Seventh grade has been quite the experience, different from six or any year before. Summer’s coming soon, the year is almost over. New trends come and go, and new students have arrived in new classes. This week, I’ll be focusing more on experiences in spring semester.

I will begin with science, even though this occurred in first semester for me. Mrs. Pollak was my science teacher and she was good. On Fridays we would watch videos and other times we would do candy-related projects. Her catchphrase was “You have lost an E,” for anyone who was talking.

Health came next semester, and our teacher was Mr. Kelly. We always watched Bill Nye and talked about nutrition, stress, growth and development, and sex ed. We were always let out early, my favorite part of the class. Mr. Kelly was calm, lenient, and rarely gave homework.

The third thing I’ll write about is testing. It was easier this time around, and in English at least we got to draw and do other silent stuff (I personally drew people in my planner). However, math testing, at least the first session was horrible. The directions for my assignment were unclear and confusing. The teacher didn’t let us do anything but read or lay on our face. Sadly, I didn’t have a book so I resorted to laying on my face. However, the time was miserable and I realized I completely messed up on my performance task due to not understanding the directions. The kid next to me fell asleep on my shoulder until the teacher noticed and yelled at him. The person on my left was asleep the whole time while I lay in the middle suffering, between these two annoying little boys.

Now the fourth thing I need to write about is the elephant in the room, what everyone’s talking about, the one and only… Fortnite. Everywhere I go, all I hear is kids talking about Fortnite. “Did you see the new update? Did you buy that new skin? Hey look at this kill I got!” My Fortnite story began around spring break. One of my friends told me about Fortnite, and together we died and died, round after round in this cartoon game having Teddy Bears with M16s and astronauts with rocket launchers. This was just the beginning. Soon, what began as a one off experiment, became a hobby, which transformed into an addiction. Every day I’d do all my homework in class, making sure I could return to Fortnite as soon as I reached my. Every day was a cycle of attempting to get that win, yelling in rage when I died. Finally my sister and I survived to the end hiding in bushes and cabins, our final opponent falling to his death. From here, each time I’d try and try again to do better, statistically guaranteed to die ninety-nine percent of the time. At one point I had wanted more homework, I didn’t want to live like this. I am currently on a road to recovery from my one month period of addiction.

This is all I wanted to say about seventh grade in these past two articles, almost as an end of year special. Hopefully I’ll be back in this class last year and continue to write more articles.


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The Seventh Grade Experience Part Two