PC vs. Console Gaming

Right now there is a big debate going on in the gaming world. A lot of the people who play video games play on console who aren’t serious about playing. The more serious people who play these games normally play PC. This is for the reason that the consoles are cheaper and way easier to use. PC’s are more expensive but the games on it are way smoother and have way better graphics. So the smartest decision if you’re trying to be serious about gaming is to get a PC. I personally play console right now and for most of my life because of the fact of you buy it and your ready to play. I am trying to invest into a PC because of the fact on how much better the games look and how it supports streaming and recording. I have nothing against consoles though. Most people think if you play console you hate PC players and if you play PC you hate console players. I don’t agree with that though. I played console and I don’t have anything against PC players.

My Opinion on the Debate

Personally I think PC’s are better and that is why I am going to try to invest in one. The console gaming is so easy that people think it’s full of little kids. PC is thought to be for the older and more mature gamers because it is more expensive and way harder to play which these 2 statements are mostly true but I don’t think it should effect people’s decision on what to play. PC gaming in my opinion though is way better than console gaming. I don’t like to lag and PC, if you have a good one, you don’t lag that much and the graphics are really good which is also very important. Altogether PC’s are better in general and if you are good on PC you are way more respected than if you are good on console. Also I like the idea of building your own and making it look how you want. It is very cool and I think PC is the better choice for anyone who wants to play games and actually wants to be good. The PC’s are beasts when it comes to it and consoles just can’t compare to it so that is why I think you should buy a PC if you want to actually be good at games.