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Remember the Titans

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Remember the Titans was about a football team that had a lot of diversity when it came to race and sexuality. A new coach came to a high school to be the assistant coach, but was given the head coach position as a welcome gift in a way. While the actual head coach was the assistant coach and became the defensive coordinator, the old team wanted to leave because a black coach was on the team.This is something the majority white team had ever experienced. So they recruited all black players in the beginning. Then the old team came storming into the gym to show they would play as long as they got all-starting positions which Coach Boone denied.

They got on the bus for hell week. They learned to work together off the field as well as on it because they had to play in their first game two weeks later, as a real team.They fought with each other, threw punches, and hated each other. The two men that started the spark unity by actually getting to know each other and really seeing their differences and making a way to come together to play football. They closed their eyes to race. They got to their games and they played undefeated through the season, They all become friends, and eventually loved each other like brothers.

The week before the last game the team captain got into a terrible accident in which he was paralyzed from the waist down for life. He would be unable to play in the playoffs.  He watched the entire game from his hospital room. The team ended up making it and absolutely destroying the other teams. They won the championship and were the best team in the league despite all of the challenges they faced when it came to race and sexuality. They overcame all adversity.

The impact of this amazing story and true life account, it was an inspiration to my budding football career, impacted the way I treat others of a different race and sexuality, religion…etc.  

I really enjoyed watching this for like the hundredth time and I felt the need to write an article about this because I was so inspired about this. This is a topic as a football lover and as a person that is half black, I really got this as a symbol that black people are not people of crime. We are people of pride. I was really excited that the creators put this message out there without making it too serious and made it comical as well. Remember the Titans!

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Remember the Titans