Enzyme bath & a skincare routine secret

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This is a bath that originated in Japan for Olympic athletes to quickly recover from the built-up stress

  • Reduced tension and stress as the bath balances body chemistry and nervous system by stimulating serotonin and melatonin production and promoting a better night’s sleep.
  • Relief from aches including arthritis and joint pain
  • Breaks down lactic acid in sore muscles.
  • Dilates and cleanses the pores.
  • The enzyme activity performs a full body exfoliation
  • Detoxification and improved digestion. The tea and bath work together to metabolize waste, cleanse organs, and facilitate absorption of nutrients
  • It increases blood flow to even the smallest capillaries which will improve circulation

It has a mixture of cedar, rice bran, and multiple fruit enzymes.




Step 1

Cleanser- you need to clean your face to get out all the makeup, oil, dirt, and other things that can clog up your pores

Step 2

Toner- it can help with oily skin

Step 3

Moisturizer/ day cream- to moisturize your skin and some day cream have more benefits like firming, lifting, wrinkle removing or reducing

Step 4

Sunscreen- it helps protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation, UVA, and UVB rays, damage the skin, age it prematurely, and increase your risk of skin cancer. UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis and  UVB rays burn the top layer of skin.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids-it exfoliates the skin- it exfoliates your skin immediately

Ceramides- it moisturizes the skin and protects the skin-it takes a few minutes to see the result

Hyaluronic Acids- it plumps the skin- it takes a few minutes to see the result

Caffeine- it depuffs the skin when your skin is puffy- it takes a few hours to see the results

Salicylic Acid- it treats problematic acne and minimizes acne scars-  it takes a few hours to see the results

Amino acids-The amino acids arginine and carnitine form creatine. When the amino acidsarginine and carnitine form creatine, natural skin functions are supported and the cells are stimulated to produce more collagen and elastin. Cells which are supplied with creatine are capable of repairing damaged DNA- your results will show overtime improving more and more with beneficial skin enhancers.

Ascorbic Acid- May help prevent and treat ultraviolet-induced photodamage.

Retinol- A dermatologist said “They stimulate the production of new skin cells. They also help to fade dark spots resulting from photo-aging, hyperpigmentation, hormonal changes, and blemish scars. Prescription-strength retinoids renew the skin and treat acne, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and helps with skin discoloration.”




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