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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

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I don’t usually make articles like this and by like this I mean about “scary” things like haunted places and ghost stories but lately things have been different. I’ve been really interested in a haunted hotel that is actually really popular. You might have heard of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel named after Theodore Roosevelt. It turns out this place has a lot of history. I’ve been going through 12/13 or so articles to find information about this just because of my curiosity and how much I enjoy this.

As you might know, many famous people have stayed at this hotel. The owners spent $12 million on renovating it not too long ago. This was because of how old it looked. This renovations caused ghosts of some famous people who stayed there to come back. They came back because ghosts tend to like when a place that was important to them was renovated Who were these people is the question you might be asking right now. One of these ghosts is Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn stayed at the Roosevelt hotel for 2 years. Her first photo shoot was even on the diving board at the pool. They recently had the diving board removed. The room she haunts is room 1200 which was her poolside sweet. Some people say that when they stayed in that room, they would see her in the mirror while they were staring into it. They claimed to see her behind them but when they turn around, no one would be there. Now that full body mirror stays in the lobby next to the elevator.

Of course she isn’t the only famous person there. We can’t forget about Montgomery Clift. Clift stayed at the hotel for 3 months while he was in Hollywood acting for his movie called From Here To Eternity. He stayed in room 928. The guests that have stayed in that room said that he moved around their luggage. Other guests claim that they’ve seen him in the hallway rehearsing his lines or playing the trumpet.

While this last room is haunted, people can’t identify this ghost because it has no head. Guests who stayed in room 213 have checked out in the middle of the night after waking up and seeing a headless apparition coming towards them. Other said that the t.v or sink has turned on or off without them touching it. Other ghosts that stay at the hotel are the poor who couldn’t afford to stay there when they were living. I guess they say this as an opportunity to stay for free.

So why don’t they just close down the hotel. It’s a Hollywood landmark which makes it illegal to shut down. And besides, the Roosevelt Hotel is doing great financial wise.

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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel