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The Seventh Grade Experience Part One

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The year is almost over, summer is right around the corner. Grades are in soon and finals have been completed. Class is getting easier and easier, and the day goes by faster each time. The end is near, and I-an edgy seventh grader-will be going over the overall experience of seventh grade from stupid trends to the SCBAC.

Or at least I’ll try.

I’ll begin with the most sudden change, the F building locker. These were clearly made to compensate for a likely increase in kids coming to the school. Lockers were mass-produced so everyone had a place to store their stuff. My locker is “defective” and also in the F building, just icing on the cake. It doesn’t close half the time, and it smells of moldy food. This reek spread from a locker near mine into my own locker. This was probably my biggest issue with the new year for a while, but I did adapt.

One thing that came in during grade seven were edgy teenagers. People were changing in every form, especially in the voice area. Everywhere I go, there are nasally and deep voices coming from the bodies of semi-pubescent man-children. A new wave of goth/emo kids came around, and edgy teenagers could be found left an right. I used to see them every day patrolling the F building wearing full coats and skinny jeans alongside makeup. Speaking of the F building, suddenly almost half of everyone in Hale joined the STEAM program as it exploded in popularity. On the other hand, VAPA was left in the dust with few people joining that. Cool kids also became crazier and a new trend came in the form of the creature known as the “hype-beast.” Don’t worry, the paragraph about juvenile delinquents is up next.

My third point is about the cool kids. In my advisory they attack each other and get scolded for running around everywhere. Four of them sit at my table, and their friends who aren’t allowed to get up always come and bother their friends. In history they play Fortnite and attack each other some more. In journalism they play cards and scream racial slurs at each other. Wherever they go, they always disrupt the peace of a normal classroom.

Our fourth experience of seventh grade is the new dean. You all know her, known for unpopular new rules and inconsistent enforcement of these rules. One of these new rules applies to those of you who stay after school. My sister and I wait in front of the school for our dad, and sometimes parents can be late. After fifteen minutes, Doctor J. will begin her daily patrol down the sidewalk rounding up kids still waiting. However they just cross the street and end up being less safe than before. The rule was meant to “keep us safe” from child predators. But aren’t we more vulnerable to abduction across the street? I guess she didn’t take that into account coming up with the rule. I can see why she was promoted.

The fifth and final thing I want to write about in the seventh grade experience part one is my math teacher. She’s very… unique, compared to my sixth grade math teacher. She has a strange way of addressing the class, often talking as if she’s leading a group therapy session. She also has a tendency to tell us  how since we’re in an accelerated class we “love math,” but we’re here because we passed a test. Every Friday, the class transforms into a little cult, with reciting math poems while people make triangles out of their hands and put their hands to their heart as if it’s the Pledge of Allegiance. The poem reads as follows: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Grandiose Trinnity. Brilliant triangle, who has not known you is sad indeed, but who knows you and appreciates you, desires no further goods of the Earth.” Who knows, maybe my math teacher is part of the Illuminati.

This however is only part one of The Seventh Grade Experience, mainly going over general things from the first semester. Next week, my final article of the year will go over more of the seventh grade experience in the second semester.

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The Seventh Grade Experience Part One