Different Ways to Cook Rice

Alright, so truthfully, I told my friend to tell me the first word in her head and I would write an article about it, and she told me rice. So today we will be writing about how to cook and make your boring rice taste better.

  1. Lime, Cilantro, and Salt: Alright first up. This is probably one of the most healthy options on the list. All you need is three simple ingredients. And this will give you fiber, and some Vitamin C. You can use white or brown rice (preferably) because they will be the best tasting with this recipe. This will surely taste better some boring o’l plain rice.Image result for rice with cilantro and lime
  2. Fried rice with Vegetables: Now I really like Asian cuisine. And not only is fried rice taste amazing, fried rice with vegetables is even better for the reason that is better for you. So if you want some crunch with the spice of a green Asian chili’s, and slight taste of egg, and even a kick of acidity, then this would be the best option for you if you were looking a for a nice snack at lunch. P.s. (it’s great for the day after when you need a lunch).
  3. Chicken and Rice Soup: Now time to switch it up with something that is great for the winter. This is a great warm soup whenever you are not as lazy, so you make this instead of instant ramen. This recipe requires sugar, chicken thighs, chicken stock, shallots, garlic, lime, white rice, Thai chili’s, scallions, and peanuts. So this recipe has it all the requirements for a great dish. It has acidity, crunch, spice, and its a soup, so extra points for that fact. And yes it is harder to make this than a quick instant ramen, but to be fair it will be way more tasty then it. 
  4. Rice with Soy Sauce and Sriracha: Okay last but not least, the most classic way to eat rice. (Not plain) but with the most iconic toppings, Soy Sauce and Sriracha. It has the savory, and spicy taste. But it isn’t to spicy, so it taste just right. And no one will judge you for eating it, and you can make it in a pinch so it can be made every where. So if you just want a classic, easy to make, great tasting bowl of rice, than you should most definitely make this.Image result for rice with sriracha and soy sauceThat has been some different ways to make rice.