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A 4-Day School Week

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As most of the people in the entire world know, some school in different cities,states,countries,continents and etcetera have different school schedules. I don’t know who started this rumor but apparently people are thinking about making some L.A.U.S.D schools have only four school days in a week. But instead, we will get out at four but is that really the best option.

School districts across the United Stats are considering having four day school weeks but what exactly does this mean for parents. Some people have thought about the parents and how this would effect their work schedule. When my mom found out about this she said that it’s stupid because employees with children should get Monday off as well because not all parents can get a baby sitter for their children every day. I think this is a good point because even if you are 14 and can stay home alone, six or seven hours is still too much for a child to stay home by themselves.

So why did they start considering this in the first place. Fox 11 says,”The reason is to bring down costs and enrich the learning environment with extracurricular development for pupils.” It turns out a lot of school across America have already decided to partake in this four day week. 88 districts in Colorado, 30 districts in Oregon and almost half of the schools in Montana to be exact. Other schools are expected to follow this in years to come.

There are also some schools who instead of Monday off, they start their weekend early with Friday off. And of course their are also the holidays that allows us a get out jail free card or at least that’s what it feels like. Days such as Memorial weekend and veterans day for example are days that we get off. This means that on some weeks we would have three day weeks. One school superintendent says that even though he had mixed feelings about a four day school week, test results haven’t changed. Even though this superintendent says that he’s seen no change, some schools have reported changes. Even though some schools have reported a change, education experts claim that their is no financial benefit from this change.

This does a negative effect though. The kindergartners there are having rough days because they also have to get out at 4 p.m. Even though education experts claim that four day weeks have no positive financial impact on the districts, some districts still choose to believe that they save money.


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A 4-Day School Week