Kings beat Ducks in Freeway Showdown

Kings Beat Ducks in Freeway Showdown

On Sunday, January 17th Kings beat the Ducks 3-2. In the first period neither team scored a goal. In the second period Kings scored 3 goals in the second period , and Ducks scored 1 goal. With 1 minute in to the second period Lecavalier. Then the Ducks scored a goal. After that Toffoli scored a goal. Then with 2 minutes left in the second period Kopitar scored a goal. In the third period Ducks scored a goal. After Ducks scored that goal, the score was 3-2 Kings. Kings beat the Ducks 3-2, an we will see you next time on “The Hale Telescope.”

Lecalavier Tofolli Kopitar