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Mother’s Day

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On Sunday, my dad picked up my friend Charlotte and I from our friend Mayan’s house. We were having a Mothers Day party at my house for my family members and we invited our family. Charlotte came and stayed with us for the party because she wanted to be with us on Mothers Day. Once we got picked up, we went to Party City with my dad because my mom told him to get balloons that say thirteen for my birthday. We got them in rose gold and they are so pretty. The balloons had to take twenty minutes until they were done so while we waited for the balloons to be ready we went to Trader Joes in the same plaza to get flowers to arrange on the table for when guests come over.

The day before Sunday, my brother and I went to get my mom a Mothers Day gift. We got her Twix, M and M’s, a pair of earrings and a card that we wrote in. Once my dad, Charlotte, and I got home from Party City and Trader Joes, my brother and I gave my mom her gift. She said she really liked it and appreciated it. Charlotte and I helped thy parents set up by spraying things and wiping them and putting table cloths on tables. We then showered and got dressed. Charlotte and I took really cute pictures with the thirteen balloons on my pool. When we were done taking pictures, we set the balloons on a top area of my pool on the outside of a Buddha w have. Then, my mom asked Charlotte and I if we can help some more so we both were making food and cutting things and setting them up.

At around 2:00, all of my family started coming. My cousins, my Aunt and Uncle, my grandparents, and all of my family arrived and they gave me birthday cards and my mom Mothers Day presents. Charlotte and I hung out with my little cousins and it was really fun. We put a start makeup stamp on and my little cousin which is a girl did not want one but her little brother wanted one and it was so funny and cute. We played Just Dance with them on my Wii and we ate and played piano and it was a really fun Mothers Day celebration at my house.

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Mother’s Day