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My Birthday

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Last week was the week before my birthday. My birthday is on May 12, 2005. This year, my  birthday was on Saturday.

My really close friends Charlotte and Mayan were planning to throw me a surprise party but I found out about it. First off, one day Charlotte and I were hanging out and we were talking about how many surprise parties our friends were throwing for each other. Then all of a sudden she was like, “I’m going to throw you a surprise party.” which was really dumb of her to say because I know that if she said that, she would really try to throw me one. Then, another day, my friends’ Charlotte, Mayan, and Kelsey were all at my house and then we were talking about surprise parties again because the day before, someone threw Kelsey a surprise party and we all went. Then, Charlotte started whispering in Mayan’s ear and I said, “I know you guys are talking about throwing me a surprise party and they both started laughing. That made it even more obvious. Now the really obvious way I found out is because Charlotte logged into her Instagram account on my phone and now I have her account anytime and one day I saw that my friend Sapir direct messaged Charlotte her number and I was really confused because they do not know each other at all. I decided to be sloppy and I clicked the direct message to see why Sapir sent her number to Charlotte and I saw that Charlotte texted Sapir saying that her and Mayan were throwing me a surprise party and they wanted to invite her. I then told Charlotte that I found out and we were both laughing but we were both annoyed. I shouldn’t have been snooping. I told my mom that I found out and she started playing dumb acting like she didn’t know about the party but then she came clean and told us she knew.

On May 12, Saturday, the party was still going to be thrown and it was at Mayan’s guest house which is in her back yard. About 15-20 people came which is a good amount of people for a smaller guest house and a party that isn’t fancy. We had so much fun and we danced and ate pizza and it was really fun. Everyone said that they had a lot of fun and I’m glad. I’m really thankful for Mayan and Charlotte throwing me my party. I love them so much!

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My Birthday