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Why Everyone Should Want Journalism

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Journalism is a great elective. I only ever had three electives, and Journalism is definitely in my top two (Sorry Mr. McCabe, I loved being a tutor in 6th grade!) It’s easy, fun and you can hang out with friends!

1. The class is easy.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes having an easy class sucks, because you never learn. However, in Journalism, the only real “work” we do is write 400+ (or 500) long articles or essays for the school essay. This is way easier than you think- in fact, some people just do top 5 articles and stop at 400 words. This allows you lots of free time for homework and goofing off with your friends.

2. Most people don’t put it on their wanted electives.

Most people don’t know what the elective is like, and automatically assume it’s super hard, which as I just explained, it isn’t. This means that Journalism has very few people on the waiting list, making it very likely for anyone who requests Journalism to get it.

3. We have laptops.

In Journalism, as you probably know if you are reading this, we use laptops to write our articles. This means that after your article, you can play on your laptop and play games (Snake is one of my favorites), or do other classwork that needs a laptop, which is very convineint if you finish your articles early in the week.

4. Mr. McCabe runs the class.

The teacher of the class, Mr. McCabe is INCREDIBLY chill and doesn’t really care what you write about. The only guidelines for writing an article is to make it 400+ words and to not have content that is not school appropriate. If you don’t understand that, it means that you can write about whatever you want- so you can write fantasy, fiction, sports, and more. Some people have even written articles with upwards of 17000 words because they enjoyed the topic so much.

5. You can use your phone.

This class is super chill, as I already said, and you’re able to use your phone. Most people at my table (6/8 people) are listening to music at the moment with their headphones in, or watching netflix. You can also play games on your phone, all because Mr. McCabe can just say, “Oh, we let them do this for research, like if they’re writing a review article on an album.”

These are 5 of the potential reasons to have Journalism as your elective next year, even though there are many more.

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Why Everyone Should Want Journalism